Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cbep Mondjeh

Ok, I missed Cyber blog Monday... But I've been busy with life (my ridiculously beautiful and talented fiancee, work, gym, trips). It is good to see those of you out there from the good ole (tm) days still keeping it blogtastic.
Soooo... probably if I throw some videos at you, then all will be forgiven? Don't laugh too much (a little bit of ridicule is acceptable if not expected).
The first is an ancient typical cover song from a band which has a name that rhymes with 2 U

My boring cover song, yawn...

The next is better musically, as it is an original arrangement and performance (by me) of an old Serbian standard 'Devojlko Mala' for my darling. Surf style... :)

Devojlko Mala, my arrangement

This past year, I started really hitting the gym hard. I can finally run a sub 7 minute mile now, which I couldn't do even in high school. I do 600 crunches per day, and it totally sounds like I'm lying right now doesn't it? (I really am not) :)
I hope this year finds everyone in good health and happiness.

Hugs to all, Eric 'Bored Neoclassical Guy'

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  1. Eric, I'm so glad to see an update from you. Congrats on the fitness improvements. Since blogging has slowed down so much we should all have a mandatory annual blog update for "where are they now purposes"