Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PETA Party Pack and Other Oddities

The next post will include lots of Roman and Greek clothing goodness which I'm still researching to bring you the kind of relevant to the 21st century old stuff you expect, so stay tuned. But, there were too many bizarre things going on today.

First, the Dallas Cowboys football team mascot ran through the lobby of my building. I hate creepy mascots, especially the kind with a fixed grinning face.

Then on the way back from my lunch meeting at the museum where I talk with museum-going friends about museumy things whilst surrounded by the said museum, I witnessed and was party to a PETA demonstration. They acted like they were handing out soda or something then furtively gave me a flyer about how Canada in the upcoming olympic games are directly responsible for clubbing baby seals. No, I'm not exaggerating, at. all...

Anyway here is the PETA party prize pack. I'm afraid to give the Red Bull they gave to me to anyone to drink. Maybe I'm supposed to throw it on someone wearing fur? It was just wrong to put blood dripping off the olympic symbol. Really? You had to go there, PETA?


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2009

    You know, I kind of dig PETA in THEORY, but man, is it really necessary to be a terrorist about it? I hate animal abuse and cruelty as much as the next person but they turn people off with their militicism. As for the baby seals, it's fucked up that anyone condones clubbing them and even more fucked up that people are queuing up to go bash them. This barbarism makes me livid. And I'm in Canada. So PETA can fuck off.

    In other news, mascots are creepy like clowns. ICK! :)

  2. You saw Rowdy the cowboy and didn’t ask an autograph?!! I’m speechless. Yes, he is constantly grinning like he has a girls gone wild video playing on a continuous loop inside his big head, but give the cowboy a break. He needs love too. Next time you see him, give him the Red Bull PETA gave you.

    P.S. Say ‘hell no’ to fur or Rowdy will come visit you when the night falls.

  3. That wide gaping mouth is just...dirty.

    Think gawd I've never run into any of those PETA nuts. I agree with Veg Ass...they take things too far.

  4. I'd love to hear that connection. Those people are really quite crazy. Though, I suppose you have to be loud...

  5. I will repeat. PE. TA. Sucks. They take irrelevance to a whole new level.

  6. Vegetable Assassin, I'm with you on all counts; PETA, weird seal clubbers, and mascots...

    Dutch Donut Girl, Rowdy was running pretty fast, it was all I could do to barely take the picture in time. ps - All my fur is made out of soybean products, so it's ok. jk no fur.

    Otherworldlyone, I never noticed that. I could probably have pitched the Red Bull can directly into it except for all the picture taking and such that I was doing. And yep, the PETA girls were a little wacky today.

    Kristine, the flyer was a typical 'if you aren't pro PETA, you are against us' directed to the Canadian government and Olympic Committee. Yes, crazy and loud.

    Heather, :)
    Yep, more harm than good. Their stance on mass pitbull euthanasia is an example of their warped-ness. The rank and file I saw today just seem like shallow joiners that don't really think things through all the way.

  7. When they frowned on Obama's killing of the fly I was just like...now they've become worse than ridiculous. They're almost a self parody.

  8. Hey Shawn!
    Yeah, they definitely need to tone down the crazy about 60 to 70%. Of course, when I crossed the street, I knew what I was getting into. I wanted to look crazy in the eye, smile, and shake its hand. haha

  9. PETA needs to get laid and chill the eff out.

    ; )

  10. hah eric can you imagine what would happen to PETA if they tried forming during roman times!?

  11. I agree with all of your comments about PETA. They may have some noble intentions, but they lose credibility with their militant and irrational behavior.

  12. Soda, :) yes, chill the eff. Indeed...

    Mr. C., I would hazard a guess they might have ended up with a dream job feeding the animals at some big arena...

    Chaka, yeah, irrational and militant is so counterproductive. I've tried them both and they don't work as a general rule :)

  13. OK, so I'm a bit late chiming in on this one...

    BUT! I'm a lifelong vegetarian, and I STILL think PETA need to calm the fuck down. They give vegetarians everywhere a bad name, especially since that Obama vs. housefly storm in a teacup. If meat didn't freak me out so much, I'd almost consider eating it again if it meant that I'd be distanced from those nutcases. [End rant.]

    And I am so with you about the freaky, fixed smiling variety of mascot. Anything that smiles while beer bottles are thrown at it from on high during a football game is too unnatural to be allowed.

  14. Ha! I'm surprised they weren't giving away little cans of paint! Those crazy PETA people!

    That mascot...he is freaky, i've never seen him. Let me know when actual football players run through your building, okay? Okay!

  15. Girl, yeah. With you on both topics!

    Lopez, paltry pails of PETA paint. That sounds like a tongue twister.
    Uh, ok, how about I just get them to autograph something to JLo (the cool one, you, not Jennifer Lopez)?

  16. This is so odd that I came across your blog tonight. I was one of the PETA members handing out fliers and I actually had a really bad paper cut, which is why there is blood on it. I'm embarassed you think this is because we want to disgust you with our animal rights protest.Okay, not really.

    I feel the same way about creepy looking mascots. I've always wanted to club the UCLA Bruins Bear. He looks like a molester. I wonder if PETA would stop me? Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  17. Hey Nikki!
    As I implied with my comment on your excellent blog, you are very funny. The literal video makes me happy and tingle inside, just a bit.

    ps - I'll hold the bear while you club...

  18. Hmmmm that must be People Eating Tasty Animals? I do love all those teeny tiny little cars though.. do you supposed they use artificial paper to print their garbage on? Or are they killing trees to do so? Hmmmmmm.. and what about all that ink they've wasted, what kinds of morons are they? Oh wait.. we know already.

    LOl.. Nice mascot shot Eric, yeah creepy.. but at least it doesn't happen every day!

  19. Hey Toni!

    I'm all for working to stop cruelty to animals, but the PETA group is something else. Studies have shown that people have been eating animals for some time now, so the vegetarian Nazis need to just relax a bit. :)

    Thank goodness it doesn't happen every day, I don't think I'd ever get used to that...