Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Awards, Guitar Riff, and Signs

There has been so much work, vacation planning, and tomfoolery going on for me lately. But I've been able to finally finish my old looking dedication sign.

Now I can have a pool built around it because, wow, it is really hot outside.

Also, one of my favorite people Zepo Lopez up in Oklahoma has awarded me the 'Blog it Forward' award. You know, now that I see the words 'forward' and 'award' so close together, it kind of freaks me out because they are so similar... It's a good tnihg I'm not dsylxeic.

Anyway, thanks very much Lopez, and I hereby pass the award along to some incredible *and* funny folks:

Grant Miller Media

GHenry at Goldfish Broth

Heather Cherry

Julia D at Homemade Hilarity

As you can see, I've restricted my choices to a narrow band of the available alphabet spectrum this time. So, please read them and comment favorably because if I send people, I might get a coupon or something. Just kidding about the coupon.

But everyone wait, that's not all... I recorded a little goofy guitar riff (not enough spare time these days to record the whole enchilada) for Lopez because she twittered that she was putting in some quality time at a casino. Let this abbreviated riff be a warning to not ever gamble what you cannot afford to lose (Animals House of Rising Sun).

Of course, she is a seasoned poker player from what I've heard. I kind of think that with enough card hands, poker is more of a game of skill than actual gambling. What do you guys think of skill vs. gambling where poker is concerned?


  1. You are so kind. But no coupon, sorry.

  2. Are there no end to your talents?

    Beautiful sign, are you planning to hew the pool out of the rock too?

  3. is there no end to your talents?

  4. Sign is just perfect. Bravo! Guitar playing. Sounding good. I'll bring some of mine over and we can jam. A bottle of Italian vino included.

  5. Are we talking about strip poker?

    Nice jam, play the whole thing next time.

  6. Nice work on the sign!

  7. It depends who's playing. The people who go into thinking "I'm gambling" make so the people who make smart moves able to take their money. Its still considered gambling I'd say, but if you play conservatively, over time you will have an over all gain.

    Actually, I never lost any money playing black jack either. Well once, but then I won it all back by putting my last chip on the roulette table- now that was gambling

  8. Check YOU out, Eric (Clapton)! :)

    The sign is looking spiffy indeed. I'd say you were a talented young man but I fear your head wouldn't fit through the door and you'd have to stay in your house and like...eat the sofa.

  9. It would not surprise me to see you water skiing barefoot or sining opera in Italian on your next post. I am amazed at all the things you can do. I really like the look of the marble.

  10. I've only ever played strip poker.
    Lost cash, pride, clothes...
    oh and my voice. from smoking the cigars.
    big mistake!

  11. It's done! Oh Eric, it's truly a masterpiece, not to mention the hottest poolside accessory since the blow-up crocodile. I tip my hat to you, brilliant man.

    And the classic riff by a (neo)classic(al) guy? Genius.

    Glad to see the very wondeful GHenry getting a mention here again :) He's a little bit fantastic, and I found him thanks to you!

  12. Your sign turned out beautifully - brilliant work!

  13. Your dedication sign looks wonderful but your guitar riff was way to short. Before I could strike a pose on the dance floor (ahum... my bedroom) it was over :(

    And I have never played poker in my live. But I have a great poker face. Or so I've been told.

  14. Oh, congrats on the award!!! You deserve it. And it must feel real good to inspire the world :)

    p.s. Sigh... way too short vs. way to short

  15. Your sign is amazing. Still waiting for the virtual tour of your home, Eric!

    The recording was great...however, short...I was just getting into that song! Great view of your chair, though.

    Oh, and I don't play poker...I play slots and Roulette...and those are definitely SKILL games...DEFINITELY...

  16. Congratulations on finishing the sign, it looks awesome and I know your pool will be a neoclassical babe magnet!!!

  17. Now I finally understand why you wanted to put the sign up near or by a pool after I looked up the meaning of the words :) You know, it'll look pretty nice above my Victorian bath tub while you build your pool! I won't even charge you for storage, you just need to cook dinner and sing in Italian all the time.

    Nice segno, bello di suonare li chitarra, nice mani, bella uomo;)
    (hope I said it right!)

  18. I've always said, "I do not gamble; I play poker." There are variations of Poker where I do believe it is mostly gambling (limit, for example). But Texas Hold Em, no limit (ie: the best game of poker) is definitely skill. Takes a lifetime to master.

  19. You shouldn't just build a pool. You should build a holiday hut with a pool, and a bar, and a massive TV, then I could come and stay...

  20. I just wish I knew how to PLAY poker. I always lose all my pennies...

  21. That is a splendiferous sign, deserving a Roman bath of a pool to compliment it.

  22. Grant,
    Large media complexes and conglomerates have to do what they must to keep expenses in check, so I completely understand about the lack of forthcoming coupons.

    Thanks, you are too kind. I could do a bit of pool hewing, but I'll probably have professionals do the digging...

    Peach Tart,
    Thanks! You play guitar too? I was just doing a quick one-take since work has been so busy. What kind of music do you like? I appreciate any wine, tonight it's a 2003 French Bordeaux by the name of Ducluzeau...

    I think Lopez was talking about the regular Texas Holdem kind, but I'll double check.
    Thanks, I'll have to play a longer song when I'm not working so much. Can you tolerate Esperanza?

    Wendy B,
    Thank you, that means a lot coming from a girl with such distinguished tastes. Let me know if you ever need your own sign in fine Italian marble because I'll do it, really.

    My thoughts exactly on poker. My brother and I in Las Vegas have seriously never lost at blackjack. But, we always play single deck and, although we don't mean to, I'm pretty sure we are subconciously counting cards, or just remembering really really well.

    Vegetable Assassin,
    Thanks! I know you play a bit, so the compliment means much.
    Hope your sunburn is better, and don't worry, my ego is not as huge as other par... never mind.

    Thanks for your great compliments dude. I've got to work on my sign language I guess (kidding). I agree with you, marble is soooo awesome.

    Just remember for every loser in poker, there is a winner. And based on your comments you lost bigtime (some very lucky bloke won bigtime) ;)

    Girl with Pink Teacup,
    Thank you! Haha, glad you liked the guitar snippet too. Yes GHenry is a fantastic blogger; I am never surprised to be amazed by his posts.

    Thanks, let me know if you need a marble planter chiseled out for your great sky garden. *need to get those marble blocks ordered, there isn't much of that in Texas*

    Dutch Donut Girl,
    Sorry about the short guitar riff. Since I don't play professionally, I would inevitably mess up at some point and be compelled to start over, and then it would take a few hours for the whole song. So, I opted for the quick win :)
    Thanks about the sign, I think it will look nice and ancient under the spa spillover as it is planned now.

    Thanks, I'm showing pieces at a time. Likewise, I'll expect a tour of your place... Say, you didn't do Mr. C's meme did you? Well...
    Aha, roulette is the skill game, that's what I'm doing wrong. Obviously. ;)

    Thank you, I think it just might be... :)

    So you found out the meaning, huh? Very cool. I could lend it out, but I'm concerned about the cost of shipping to South Africa. It is about 45kg... But you're right, it probably would look great above your classic bathtub. :)

    Yes!!! I completely agree that no limit is skill. That is a great point about the limit vs. no limit.

    Ok bud, I'll build the guest house for you and four of your closest friends. Not sure if Texas gets SKY though, you'd have to watch American football unless we all go down to Trinity Hall to watch some 'calcio'.

    Ohhhhhhh... you said 'pennies' xo

    Thanks, it has given me motivation for getting a pool I think. That, and the heat.

  23. Ladytruth,
    io capisco...

  24. I know, I know I need to get on that meme. I keep meaning to...!!!

    it would be fun! especially my cook book...oh can't wait!

  25. The finished product is lovely, but I expected that.

    Yes, put in a pool...it'd make a nice addition to your get together. AND you can throw people in it when they irritate you.

  26. Lopez,
    Uh-huh, well we're all waiting...

    Thanks! You know, in the South it's almost a necessity, right? :)

  27. Hi, Eric.

    Well, wow, frankly: 1) At the 'Blog it Forward Award' (you're right, those words look odd together) which is richly undeserved. I am humbled, thank you; and congratulations on your receipt which is, on the other hand, richly *deserved*; 2) at lovely the riff; and 3) at the gorgeous sign.

    Poker has a very large element of skill, as I am rapidly discovering having very belatedly taken up Hold' Em. The skill is not in playing the cards but the people, at which, frankly, I am not very good.

  28. G., thanks! I'm not very good at poker either, at least that's what I tell everyone I play with. ;)

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