Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas (Buon Natale)

In the late nineties, way back before the turn of the century, I was friends with some professional musicians around the Dallas area. Todd and April were brother and sister playing bass and drums respectively in a popular alternative rock band.

One day going to lunch, Todd queued up a song with Dennis (the frontman singer in their group) and a girl he had just started going out with. If I recall, it was the song 'Whole New World', which was a duet between Dennis and his new girlfriend who was singing her part exceptionally well.

I only seem to have three super powers, and on this occasion I invoked the first one. My first superpower is the ability to recognize a singing voice of anyone that I've heard singing before regardless of the context. This is in fact well documented among my friends. And it works on the hard to identify singers, not just the easy singing voices like Sheryl Crow or Gilbert Gotfried.

Anyway, the woman's voice I recognized as Lisa Layne from Vince Vance and the Valiants. It was quite exciting since Lisa some years earlier had recorded my favorite Christmas song ever. Click on Lisa's link here to see the video in case you might have been living in Myanmar helping the poor for the past 15 years, or perhaps in a coma.

Here is the video.

Dennis and Lisa eventually parted ways and she is now in Branson, Missouri. Other artists have tried to recapture the magic of the original recording, but to me the clarity of her voice and production values of the first can't be matched. I told her as much in an email, and she got a good chuckle out of that. Maybe I can get my friends on city council to hire her for an acoustic set for the tree lighting next year? I'll put in more than my fair share.

I hope the season is good to all of you, and Merry Christmas!


  1. That's pretty cool. Why is A Whole New World such a great song to break into? I've been in that situation more than once, but I doubt anyone thought I sang my part well.

  2. That is a cool superpower! What are the other two that you possess?

    A very merry Christmas to you too!

  3. I bet your "talent" comes in handy lol... what a great voice she has!
    A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours Eric!

  4. That is really cool.
    New here, just checking you out. ; )

  5. I have obviously been in a coma for the past 15 years :)

    Merry Christmas, Eric.

  6. Nikki,
    I think it was the 'duet du jour' back then, 'Summer Lovin' from 'Grease' was becoming a bit overdone?

    My second superpower is the ability to figure out *exactly* the right sized containers for leftover food I cook.
    It's really scary, I've never been wrong. The third superpower, I can't really talk about here because children might accidently read this post.

    Merry Christmas! Are you making cards out of those pretty pencil portraits of your newest family members?

    Thanks for stopping by, happy holidays!

    Dutch Donut Girl!
    I was thinking about you last week when I noticed your blog hasn't been updated in a while. Hope everything is great and coma free now! x

  7. Buon Natale! Thank you for the nice comment about the book review. Apparently you know a lot of things especially if you took a course in Italy.

  8. Maggie, Merry Christmas to you!

    I just know a few things, especially if compared to a 'maestra migliore' like Lucianna Notturni, and her group.

    Have you been in Ravenna? Venice? Do I know you already and am being thick headed about it?