Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recent Films (Cigni Troppi in Film)

Being quite busy at work lately, I haven't had time to see as many films as I usually do. Some friends recently told me about one that sounded really strange called 'Black Swan'. The tedium of a dancing 'chick flick' might be offset by seeing the lovely Natalie Portman running around in tights, but not so fast Hollywood...

I think we all have already seen this film! I distinctly remember Natalie in 'Red Swan'. And wasn't Lea Thompson also in 'Red Swan'? She had the most hilarious line after the invasion when the town was blown up and her character quite emotionally observed 'Things are *different* now!' Lea, if you ever read this, please send me a black and white PR photo signed 'Things are different now!', because that works on so many levels.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Natalie also starred in 'Purple Swan'. Does the film industry have no shame? They didn't even cast a different actress!

But they don't even stop there, remember when Natalie Portman portrayed 'Blue Swan', set in sixteenth century France?

I just don't get why Hollywood feels the need to recycle all of these films. For example, how many 'Batman' films do we really need?

I did get a chance to see 'The Tourist' recently, and sure the plot was predictable and it was a bit silly. But, it was set in Venice, and it was fun, and Angelina was in it, and did I mention it was set in Venice?


  1. If Angelina is in it, I'm watching.

  2. Hmmm...Nothing about the girl on girl action? I don't remember Star Wars having that!

  3. Hilarious ..... I was just by blog "dress, design and decor" 5 min ago and it was about the black swan, a ballet performance. Keep writing as often as you can and forget about too much work, no good for you,you have to create some mosaics right?

  4. You are a sucker for Venice. I think I found your Ahchilles heel. Those are some great roles she played, but I think you forgot when she was in Bald Swan with Hugo Weaving.

  5. Well now, what an analytical and intelligent review, Sir. Because Natalie would have gotten a fast one past us with that move. We never even noticed her various rainbow swans in the past.

    She was probably less psycho in the other colours though, no?

  6. Two swans up for this post.

  7. I love the movie "The other Boyln Girl" and never realised that she was in it. I had heard that the Black Swan was a wierd movie, but looking forward to seeing the Tourist.

  8. There's only about 15 stories really, ever. Four about swans.

  9. Is that a case of swan-upmanship?

  10. OWO - Unless it is the film 'Wanted', right? Curving bullets, really? Really?

    Nikki - What about when Mark Hamil Kissed Carrie Fisher?

    Mosaicista - Yes, very tardy with my new work. I will start a new one immediately.

    Tom - Guilty as charged about Venezia. BTW, is Hugo Weaving related to Sarah Alexander?

    Veg - Thanks, the only time she did not seem psycho was in the SNL rap video.

    Toni - Thanks, I think I'm borderline clinical with the silliness.

    WendyB - And that's better than up two swans. I'm not even sure how the logistics would work on that. I'd have to call in favors like that time Peter Griffin obtained the foot of the statue of liberty.

    DaftLass - Yes!

    Heather - I hope you get to see it before the tourist leaves town.

    Molly - Way more finite than one would suspect, huh? Hey, why is 'infinite' used to describe 'more than finite'? Seems like it should be 'unfinite' or maybe 'antifinite'?

    The Jules - She's like 'Obi-swan-kenobi', but prettier.