Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deja Vu

So I have to ask, have you read this blog post before?

Some years ago, I'd read a book called 'Innumeracy' by a fellow named Paulos. In it, he pointed out how most people don't have a good scale for measuring the probabilities of an incredibly vast number of possible events.

We tend to remember the one match of millions of things that we might have thought of subconciously. At that moment, we might have a strong sense of deja vu or enthusiastically inform people 'Yes, I dreamed this would happen!' So much input gets processed by our brains without really noticing what all is going in.

Still, it's hard to shake the notion that sometimes the premonitions (for lack of a better word) are a bit too accurate. It can be frightning at times. I'm sure that many others have these prophesorial visions that seem to come true also, but here are some of mine.

1) Mid-day December 23, 2010 - Driving to the mall, I switched the car radio and predicted the Mariah Carey 'All I want for Christmas' song would play. AND IT DID. Is she related to Drew Carey?

2) Afternoon of January 7, 2011 - I kind of thought the whole Charlie Sheen thing wouldn't work out well.

3) Morning of February 2, 2011 - Visions of Oriental Salad with Macadamia Nut Chicken at Kona grill appeared before me in my sleep. That very day, I found myself inexplicably at lunch eating the very same food!

4) March 30, 2010 - Dreamed that in my office, I had a very real increased gravity feel, and light became blindingly bright out the window, and I saw a face of the Ahmadinejad guy from Iran. Luckily this one has not come true yet.

What premonitions or deja vu incidences have you had? Do any of them repeat?


  1. I had this confusing dream last night that you'd post an entry that would make me snort and coffee would shoot right up my schnoz and well! THERE IT IS!

    I had wicked deja vu yesterday actually myself (for real!). I actually stopped in my tracks and thought "I HAVE SO DONE THIS BEFORE" and that creepy feeling that comes with it. I prefer to think I'm very profound and not just a)batshit insane or b)taking it as a sign I haven't eaten cake in AGES therefore, must make a cake. I've eaten way too many grapes and almonds lately. My body is rebelling.

  2. You have a mad wicked premonition skill ;)
    #4: Uh-oh.

    I've had many deja vu episodes.
    It's kind of spooky.

    You know what's really creepy?
    Charlie Sheen.

  3. I still remember a time in the early '80s when I turned on the radio and thought, "I wish I could hear some T. Rex" and the station immediately played a whole block of T. Rex. Clearly it's one of the highlights of my life since I barely remember anything since then.

  4. you are a surfer right?
    i have been following the quiksilver pro on the gold coast. sunday night i had several different dreams that adam melling was going to win. i know nothing about adam melling other than his name. i have no idea what he looks like or what his chances of winning were.
    monday morning i do a bit of checking on him and although he is on the world tour, he is unlikely to trouble the likes of kelly slater & mick fanning etc.

    .....however, 4 or 5 dreams in one night is a sign in my books....

    i head down to the local sportsbet and put $100 on adam melling winning.

    ......he gets knocked out of the competition in the first round!.

  5. Up until I was 14, I had deja vue feelings very often, it was the weirdest thing ... the feeling of having already done the same thing, being somewhere for the first time but "knowing" I had been there before. Then, up until I was about 27, I was able to visualize things and they would often happen. It was awesome, well, most of the time, because one has to be careful of what he/she wishes for; I've learned that the hard way.

    Since then, I've lost my magic touch. Have I lost the purity and innocence of my young heart? Have life's beatings made too negative and damaged/realistic? Nonetheless, I still try to visualize, of having an almost perfect life, with an almost perfect man, in an almost perfect location, with and almost perfect job, and and and ... am I delusional or plainly stupid? I just refuse to give up hope.

  6. Veg,
    Awesome, I'm quite thrilled to be able to make things shoot up your schnoz.

    Dutch Donut Girl,
    Yeah #4 is a bad deal... and so is Charlie.

    I'll bet it was the Power Station covers that made you forget stuff. ;)

    Dull boy,
    Yeah, but not good, not very good at all. You had to make that bet though, with so many dreamhints going on...

    I still want to have deja vu someday where I open a sealed envelope of something I've drawn,
    and it matches what is going on.
    Being an optimist is very important, and visualizing good things is very healthy for you in my opinion.
    There is always hope and don't get discouraged because perfect is not always so. XX

  7. I seriously hope the last one doesn't come true. And if they're dreams, I hope none of mine come true either because recently I've killed someone, stold a baby, and had someone try to kill me.

  8. I often have reoccuring dreams which are more than nightmares. I have deja vu at least twice a week.

    *cue twilight music*

  9. I had a premonition that I'd restart my blog and BLAMMO! I have. How's that for deja vu?

  10. Good to know that March 30 will be Iranian Celebration Day. I will plan accordingly.