Monday, January 18, 2010

Edgy Guitar Playing and Ice (Sono Incapace Suonare la Chitarra)

Did I mention that last week in Dallas was cold by almost anyone's standards? So cold in fact, it exposed a flaw in a city required safety device for the pool. Apparently, having two drain holes on the bottom of a pool to prevent kids and adult morons from getting stuck is not enough. There also needs to be a pressure sensor that prevents water from flowing if someone manages to cover both drain holes simultaneously at the bottom of the pool. Since these drain holes are really far apart, I'd say they were trying to end it all if this device is the one that will start up to save them.

Anyway, the device (with water in it) froze up and so did all of my pool equipment. They are fixing the last of it for free today (or I was going to file a complaint or two and have some fun in small claims court). Here is a photo of something you won't see often in Texas.

Last week also, Jenny Mac asked about a comment I made on her post. I realized most people don't know the secret to 'The Edge' guitar playing is to just turn on the 420 millisecond delay, so I thought I would record a video of 420 millisecond delay in action... Don't laugh on some of my messed up notes because I don't have time to play much or practice. Here is the patch in my guitar effects processor, aptly named?

And here is my awful guitar playing... Sorry MiniMac, no sunglasses today like 'The Edge'.

Ok, I hope ears are not bleeding now, you can stop laughing, this isn't American Idol or X Factor.


  1. I'd like to see you dive into your icy pool to 'The Edge', now THAT would make my day.

    *mops up blood on floor*

  2. That ice still looks warm to me.

  3. I can't believe I was able to watch that movie on my bb, every one elses videos I have to use the pc.. I think I heard some groupies banging on your door.

    I think you should play some mandolin or whatever string instrument the romans used. Or one of those horns that loop around at the top haha.

  4. No mandolin for the love of gawd. Don't listen to Mr. C.

    Don't you look cute in your little stocking hat. Aw!

  5. I thought your guitar playing was really good! And you even dressed like The Edge! I can't play guitar or look like The Edge, so color me impressed, my friend. It's your accent that makes my ears bleed. ;)

  6. Alright, I'll settle for a canatina or a didgeridoo

  7. There were a couple of notes that might have been a little flat, but overall, I thought you did a good job of showing the Edge's delay technique.

  8. You put the Edge to shame Tex. I mean what sort of name is "The Edge" anyway? It's like "The Situation". Cute hat there too. However I do have one complaint about the video. You didn't say anything all that Texas. I didn't hear one "y'all" or "Yee haw" or "Ahm gonna git on mah ho-arse and rad outta town once I done gone finish mah grits!"

  9. Nope, my ears are not bleeding :)
    Keep the groupies away from that pool! Incidents happen. Yee haw!

  10. You didn't gather your friends and do a polar bear jump? Missed opportunity. Where we live we turn up the heat so we don't have to ear hats indoors.

  11. You are great on the guitar! Am very impressed. Also like the hat. But cold? Not Ontario cold! Actually it is not that cold here today, about 36 degrees, which is excellent for us, practically swimming pool weather ;)

  12. That delay makes everything sound awesome!

    Also I like your accent.

    ; )

  13. Cool video, next step..go on tour!

  14. Mo,
    I don't have a diving board. Maybe I can use the freezer to construct one? Or... an ice slide???

    There will be no skating on that pond, too dangerous. Hey, would it be weird if there were skates that generated directed cold on water fast enough to freeze the water right
    in front of you whilst skating? And, they didn't instantaneously freeze your feet off?

    Mr. C,
    Oh, it's all about dumbing down the video with the latest shareware (notice the watermark since I wanted to 'try before buy').
    No, no goofy instruments, only cool ones.

    You don't have to tell me...
    It's a knit cap, not like a gangsta or anything. You know, like 'The Edge' wears.

    Thanks, that's high praise from a real musician. Hey, I tried to keep the southern draw-uhl to a minimum.

    Mr. C,
    I pride myself on knowing bizarre instrument names, but I still had to google canatina.

    Yep, I lost it there on the second one. Thanks, showing the delay technique was the point of the exercise.

    Vegetable Assassin,
    Haha, yes, it's a maybe just a little egocentric to name yourself after a four letter ubiquitous noun with
    the article 'The' preceding. It's the kind of hat I wear while snowboarding in Breckenridge.
    I toned it down because I knew what #*$(@ I'd get if I didn't...
    But, you tempt me darlin, so maybe I'm fixin to record a new one.

    Dutch Donut Girl,
    Oh good! I can see it now, 'Groupies on Ice'. Hey I'd better trademark that...

    Actually, it looked kind of dangerous since the ice was an inch thick. Thick enough to trap you, but thin enough to fall through.

    Thanks, yikes 36 F is cold!!! I'm used to 103 F in the summer.

    Heather Cherry,
    Imagine the disappointment you'd have as a little kid if the Snowcone (tm) truck people came around with excessively bland flavors...
    I'll have a Kinda Chlorine, my brother will have a Barely Beef Broth, and sis will take a Slightly Salty. Ugh.

    Soda and Candy,
    Thanks, wouldn't it be strange if you paid some people to follow you around and echo your words in harmony like a choir of angels?
    Well, I think so anyway.

    Yeah... about that tour... I'd have to pay people to watch me, so it would probably just be in my living room.

  15. Did I just see a polar bear floating on an ice floe in your pool?

  16. I cant see the vid! Will you email me the link? I definitely want to see your skills. And thanks for the follow up. MiniEdge gets to see the video later too.

  17. WendyB,
    It might have been, or maybe it was an 'ice armadillo'?

    Sent... It was having trouble for a while for some reason.

    Peach Tart,

  18. Eric, please tell me you can play the solo from RATT's "Round and Round."

  19. For some reason I always thought the Edge's sound had something to do with the using the harmonics. Which doesn't explain the delayed repeat at all.
    I learned something today! Thanks!

    (I enjoyed your video too.)

  20. See!! America DOES have talent!!!

    And it has to be said, Edgesque geetar playing is definitely sexier than the trumpet :P ... and you look better in the hat than he does x

    Happy Friday Eric :)

  21. Mr. C,
    There is a reasonable interpretation at

    He does in fact make use of the harmonics in Sunday Bloody Sunday. Say, have you fired up the oxy-acet. torch yet to make glass?
    ps thanks

    Girl Interrupted,
    Haha, a tiny amount of talent, maybe...
    Thanks, and have a great weekend!

  22. Just wanted to let you know you have an award waiting for you over at my place.

  23. What a great day it was for me to stop by! You don't like swimming in ice water I take it? ;) Not to mention a great little guitar solo, Bravo Eric, Bravo. :D

  24. Heather, thanks

    Toni, looks like there might be more ice in Texas this weekend... Thanks for not laughing too hard at the shoddy instrumentals! By the way, your new commission is incredible (no other way to describe it).

  25. Who's laughing, I enjoyed your guitar video! We need more of that!!!

    and your pool with the ice...we could totally beat that up here right now! ;o)

    Have you seen the last Final Destination? Yes, lame movie alert...but for some reason i watched that...oh right, it was in 3D. anyway...there is a scene where a kid gets his guts sucked out through a drain in a pool...