Friday, September 17, 2010

Fore! (Davanti?)

It was a sunny pleasant afternoon riding along in the golf cart on the oceanside course, Punta Borinquen. Four of us had decided to play, and so far we were all shooting well. Except for that one guy who had only played once before and was having trouble.

Azure and light green water lapped up the beaches on the north and west sides of the seventh hole. The views were amazing, even with the nearest edge of the hurricane hundreds of miles off to the east. The golf course itself was located next to an old US airbase now being used as a small commercial airstrip. I looked over my right shoulder to see a twin prop taking off. Just a great time on a fantastic course.

Two of us had teed off already and were leisurly driving up the fairway. I took a swig of the local beer when suddenly the roof of the golf cart seemed to collapse on my head. With excruciating pain and finding it difficult to breathe for a few seconds, I jumped out of the cart with hands on head. 'Stunned' and 'disoriented' were the words which best described my state of mind. Once I realized the roof hadn't collapsed and I had not been either shot in the head or struck by lightning (there were dark clouds to the south), my attention turned to the novice player who had just teed off.

Newbie was 50 yards away and had hit the ball extremely hard. The ball had rocketed at precisely the correct trajectory both underneath the roof of a moving cart, yet above the back windshield with a godlike precision that would shame NASA, JPL, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories combined.

We are talking about a moving target less than the size of a dime, because the ball had struck the middle back part of my ballcap right where the little metal brad thing was located. The little metal thing in the center of the ballcap functioned much like a chisel to focus all the energy of the golfball to the one spot on the back of my head. I can take quite a bit of pain, but that was just ridiculously bad.

I pieced together that it had riccocheted off the metal brad and had hit the plastic top of the cart with enough force to make a large 'bang' sound. So that was why I thought the cart top had collapsed on my head. Within seconds, I had a huge lump and was a bit worried about concussion or brain swelling. Luckily, I still had some room in my skull, particularly evident since I went golfing with a newbie and didn't think to stay behind the tees when he was dealing this sort of death and destruction.


  1. That is horrible. What are the odds? I hope you got some ice on it quick. I was afraid it might have poison beer as I was reading the post. I hope your painful incident didn't put too much of a damper on being able to golf at such a beautiful location.

  2. Yikes! You should've gotten it checked anyway. Didn't you learn anything from Natasha Richardson?? I need a beach vacation, bad! I should've booked St. Maarten. I know I know...

  3. Dude, check that shizzat out immediately just in case some pestilence has invaded your large Texan noggin.

    Otherwise, those photos are making me green with envy. I want to be in the nice warm turquoise haven of a warm tropical clime. Please make it so.

  4. Wow! That was a freaky moment! Glad to hear it didn't spoil your golf game, but I agree with the should have had that checked out. Lumps on the noggin is never a good thing!

    That golf course is gorgeous!

  5. you must be fine if you managed to figure all that out! but I'm not a doctor, so please don't accept this opinion

  6. Good lord! Glad you are okay.

  7. Hope you are okay!