Monday, March 23, 2009

Affreschi di Pompeii (nuovi)

I am still working on the mold for the medusa sculpture, so here is a fresco I've done instead. When the ancient Stabiae exhibit came to Dallas, the frescos were so amazing I had to try to make one.
So, I started by cooking up some hydrated lime, then slaked it with water for several months. When the lime was ready, I made a stucco base layer and plastered an intonacco on top of that. Quickly painting with pigment powders in water, I did the multicolored background (with some intentional 'distressing'). Then, I painted the figure as in the ancient one with glue and watercolor.

All the pigments are authentic. To make it more real looking, maybe I should grind in some dirt with the sander? I want to finish a whole room with the fresco technique, stay tuned.
Penso che l'originale affresco è stato da Villa Carmiano in Stabiae. Ha bisogno di più fessure?
Vorrei visitare Stabiae...


  1. Did you make this fresco?
    You are great!

    p.s.Complimenti per il tuo italiano!

  2. Valentina, yes I did. Thanks!

    I try, someday I want to spend much more time in Italy. Vacation isn't enough in a land with so much history, beautiful culture, and nice people. Hope I can get my permesso soggiorno?

  3. Ciao Eric, complimenti per l'affresco, spero che un giorno tu possa venire in Italia.

  4. Ros, grazie molto, Io verrò un giorno prima.

  5. Eric, thank you for visiting my blog & for your comment, it is goos to hear, for i am never sure i am on the right path! still finding my way. the red - well i have to admit it is just a cadmium red watercolour mixed with something else. The fresco is just beautiful, i love the colour & that you have done it so authentically. beautiful. i am off to discover more of your intriguing blog *ruthie*

  6. Hi Ruthie,
    Thanks for the compliments, I love your vivid colors too. I can't wait to go back to Italy to see more of the frescos. I would wish that everyone gets to go there at least once.

  7. Thanks for your comment on my post, Bridge at Mostar. I have never tried fresco. I like to use a variety of mediums. I guess I need to add fresco to the list of things to try. Your fresco is very nice.

  8. Hi Vickie, thanks! It pales in technical comparison to your landscape which is so detailed, your tone value stuff is so great. I need to spend more time studying articles in the 'Learning to See' site linked over there and practicing my cubes.

  9. A beautiful fresco! I could never make something like that. Do I sound jelous yet?