Friday, March 27, 2009

mosaic mosaico Delos marble

I have some good leads on botticino marble for the pavement outside. One supplier has material that would match the background in my copy of a Delos mosaic almost exactly. But, I'd have to find additional space to store the pallet loads of material.

I've been feeling the urge to crunch some marble lately. So while my plaster mold for the medusa face is drying this weekend, I'll go out and nip out some more on the charioteer mosaic and make a new one to match this. Maybe I can hand-cut a few thousand pieces by Sunday. I think a nice chilled white wine will help...
Ho voglia sgranocchiare il marmo fine settimana.Mentre il mio stampo in gesso di 'medusa' asciuga, farò un altra mosaico nuovo simile a questo. Vino bianco refrigerati probabilmente aiutareme...


  1. You're very talented ... and love the Italian! (Not that I understand any of it)

  2. GI, thanks for the kind words! I'm not sure I understand most of the Italian either yet.

    It's all good when reading and writing it, but I have trouble keeping up when fast-moving conversations are taking place. I'm always afraid I'll say something like 'You say your hovercraft has eels?' --- obscure Simpsons reference

  3. haha ... Excellent! (said in the style of Mr Burns)

  4. Reminds me of a lovely day at the Louvre when I slipped off my shoes and danced barefoot, skirt twirling, on the mosaic floor

  5. Hello to you Mouse,
    Just think, I can do that every day (just kidding, I'm a guy).

    I'm always been impressed with people like you that learn different languages and move around. I wish Texas was a Schengen agreement country, I'm saving to move to Italy for now though.

  6. Where are the rest of your mosaics?

  7. Mosaicista,
    They are all over the place! I have one on my shower wall, several outside, some are owned by others... :)