Monday, March 30, 2009

Taking Notes the Old Way (Scrivere Note Vecchio Stile)

I have recently read 'The Art of Letter Carving in Stone' by a real U.K. artist, Tom Perkins. It is an extremely well written methodical approach to this craft. I quickly found a US vendor that would sell a round hammer and the correct size flat chisels and went to work on some slate.

This is my first attempt besides just stem carving, so don't laugh. I have to practice more so I can do a dedication slab (violet and white calcatta marble) in Latin for the pool when it is underway. I'll make it wordy and typical of the second century. Il libro 'The Art of Letter Carving in Stone' insegna meravigliosamente scrivere la lettera.


  1. That's really good for a first attempt! And you appear to still have all your fingers ... which is even more impressive!

  2. Aww, thanks, I pride myself on my ability to retain body parts. :)