Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everyone Just Back Away from the Window (Si prega di ritornare fuori dalla finestra)

Sorry for the off topic (non-neoclassical or artistically related) post. Things are not as bad as they seem, so hopefully the folks outside the G20 meeting can just settle down a bit and stop the ridiculous rioting. I'm at the window, but I'm not jumping.

This from an employee of Lehman during the collapse... I'm proud that the company didn't get bailout money from the US. Life in a free market goes on... But, not if the government takes over everything and spends us to oblivion. I sincerely hope the EU won't cave to the pressure from our goofy administration. And getting rid of 'mark-to-market'? Right, if we ignore the trouble it goes away? That really is some Hope(tm).

Update... they didn't cave to the excessive spending (except the IMF increases).


Mi auguro che la E.U. non ascoltare Obama's motivi a spendere di più. Grandi problemi che succede se (Per Lehman, ho lavorato in private equity, non fare problemi come in NY, ahaha).

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