Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ancient Betting (scommesse antica)

So I was playing Texas Hold 'Em the other day (as people in Texas do, yuk yuk), and was thinking about what kind of procedures the folks in antiquity followed when placing bets. It appears from this ancient mosaic (not mine) that they placed the money on a table with a caduceus (symbol of god 'Mercury') and a palm leaf (symbol of victory)...

From this, I can only draw the conclusion that 'Mercury' was a loser. In retrospect, not having the pagan symbols is probably why I lost the big pot with 'trip hooks'...

On a completely different subject, I love Christie's auction house. Here is a painting in a lot that speaks to me (figuratively). Just nice neoclassical landscape, ahhh they don't make them like this much anymore. But if someone does, please send me a catalogue.


  1. So...you are comparing your betting in Texas Hold 'Em to the bets of a cock fight? Is this right?

    I played Hold 'Em the other night (Friday)...I walked away with the palm leaf...

  2. lol I love that you added "figuratively" after saying the painting spoke to you :P

    And I agree, Mercury WAS a loser ... I've seen statues of him and his wedding tackle was tiny!

  3. Lopez, I just focus on the betting aspect of it, not the cockrels, roosters, or whatever the hell Mo calls them. Congrats on the win, were there many players at your table(s)? I'll have to show you a photo of my chips sometime (I love me some poker chips).

    Girl Interrupted, :) I just wanted everyone to know that I'm not taking instructions from the neighbor's dog...
    'Wedding tackle'? Such language from a pretty woman, now I'm blushing... lol

  4. You know, if you hadn't clarified I would have assumed the mosaic was yours!

  5. Thank you mo! Hey, I just noticed that the bag filled with money (presumably not chicken feed) doesn't have any indication of currency.

    I guess in Roman times there was only the denarii. That's a shame because I bet any movies the Romans would have made about bank robberies would be weaker for it.

  6. I suspect the neighbour's dog would tell you to bet on the cockerel on the right ... he looks far more menacing and in control of the situation.

    Sorry to make you blush, Eric ... I'm a nice, sweet, innocent young lady really ... honest :P

  7. Enormous menacing ... nope, too easy.

    Kate, remind me not to play poker if you are at the table... I'd lose for sure.

  8. Hey Eric? ... wanna play poker?

  9. :)
    Sure ...
    I raise all-in to Girl Interrupted ...

    BTW, WTH is the deal with all the lead barrels they are wheeling into our conference room and library? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30225997/

  10. lol !!!! very suspicious! ... wasn't that what they used to power the DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future???

  11. :) Kate,
    I think they used cheese to power the DeLorean in that movie, didn't they?

  12. Ahhh... I feel home in the blogosphere when I read about Texas Hold 'em. Oh wait... I am home. Whatever.

    Mercury is also the God of War. If that adds a little further enlightenment, I'm not sure.

    Btw, fellow Poker player, I believe life is a big metaphor for a badass Poker game. :)

  13. No wait... I lied.

    Mercury is the god of trade and profit.

    Mars is war.


  14. Kimizzy,
    Poker AND barbeque sauce... is there nothing you can't do? I'll have to do a custom chips post tomorrow since you and Lopez at least might be interested. Repeat 'There are no cards like AK suited, There are no cards like AK suited' :)

  15. Haha... well, I'm not very successful at attending Bruce Springsteen concerts. I hate him.

    AK suited is very nice, however off-suit could easily be the "walk back to TX." I know it has for me too many times. Lucky river rats hitting their pair of sixes at the last minute. Damn them all!