Saturday, April 11, 2009

Non-artistic post

Completely off the wall subject, but am I the only one that sees that Sarah Alexander (Coupling, etc.) has an uncomfortable resemblance to Hugo Weaving (Elrond in LOTR, Agent Smith in Matrix)? I can't watch any of those movies without hearing Jack Davenport going 'Oh, but Elrond...' I would advise against them ever dating just to be safe.
As a nod to what the blog is about, here are some pretty marbles from antiquity (not mine).


  1. Haha ... well I hadn't made the connection ... but NOW every time I see her I will!

    Coupling rocked! Didn't realise you had it over there.

    The marbles are beautiful ... especially the pink and blue toned ones

  2. :) BBC version was so much better than the lame remake the network execs tried to make over here...

  3. I couldn't watch LOTR without mixing it up with the Matrix.

  4. It is always appropriate to point out look a likes, even if it doesn't mesh with the theme of your blog. By the way this is a cool blog you've got here.

  5. Mo, LOL!
    Tell me, Mr. Frrodohhh..., what good is a 'palandir' call when you are unable to speak?

    Chaka, thanks you've got some great reviews that remind me of the Book of Ratings humor link on the bottom of my blog. I'll have to link you in.

  6. Although I cannot place this Sarah person, after looking at the pictures, they definitely resemble each other...

    Hmmm..after reading these comments, I guess Coupling is a show in another country. Whew, I was going to have to step up on my celeb awareness!

  7. Hey Lopez...

    Thanks for seeing that, it helps prove I'm not crazy...
    Coupling was classic sketch comedy from the BBC, then one of the American networks tried to redo it but it wasn't good at all. There was no topping the chemistry between the actors in the old cast.

    I think the American networks got 'The Office' remake right, even though Ricky Gervais was in the old one (the comedy was a bit darker in the BBC version).

  8. She has very creepy cat eyes. Coupling was brilliant until Geoff left.

  9. LS, yes almost too bright or something. I've had time to think about it a bit more and the reason they seem so similar to me is because of the face they both make when clenching teeth and pulling back the lips.

    Yes, you're right, I think Geoff was the random craziness that was missing.

  10. I will say that the British Office is far better than the American one...especially these days when I feel like it is going way I never would have watched the British one if it weren't for the American one. (i'm very wordy).

    I was reading an interview once where the person interviewing Gervais said something along the lines of "How does it feel that Steve Carrell is more famous in the same role that you played in the UK than you are--and the show is your baby?"
    What a crappy question!!!

  11. Lopez, I see why you never saw the BBC Coupling if you pre-screened with the US one like you did with the Office.

    And on the BBC version, do any of the guys think that the 'Jane' character was the hottest one?