Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drawing (disegnare artisticamente)

After thinking about Chaka's thought provoking post on left vs. right brain thinking, I'm compelled to sing the praises of the book 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain'.

Before reading this book my scribbles were really pathetic. But after working through all the exercises, my painting and drafting skills are at least twice as good (have to accept the fact that I'll never be an Albrecht Durer, but maybe good enough for my purposes).

So if you find yourself with some time and a pencil, paper, spray paint, or maybe even some old rocks and a cave wall, be sure to get a copy of this book and work through it if you want to draw like the wind (not sure, but that sounded inspiring)...

Here is a completed? exercise from the book where you have to draw upside down. I wonder what that guy is thinking?

Qui è un disegno pratica del libro 'Disegno sul cervello a destra'. Il libro è meraviglioso per aumentare la capacità di disegno. cia-ciaooooo...


  1. Wow...that's really good!!!! Certainly puts any stick figure I've ever drawn to shame.

    Finished the bust yet?

  2. Thanks Lopez, it's not that difficult if you work through the exercises in the book.

    I'm still working on the bust (it's of my father who lost a battle with cancer at the end of last year). I'm kind of weird in that if I feel very strongly about what I'm working on it seems to take me longer.

  3. Oooh! That sounds really interesting! I might invest and try it out, I love to draw and paint but have had no formal training ... and frankly, it shows :P

    Sorry to hear about your Father, Eric *hugs*

    Hope you're having a good day :)

  4. Girl Interrupted, admit it, you used your time machine and drew the Nero sketch... You should give it a shot -- and post pictures ;)

    Yeah, well he's not suffering any more, so that's good.

    Having a nice day, 'fixin ta go to lunch', how's yours?

  5. I drew on the right side of my brain once, my balance has suffered ever since and when there are strobe lights about a stick man waving a flag flickers in my conscious somewhere above my right eye.

  6. Haha! You should finish the drawing on the left side to balance it out. Do erasers work on brain matter? I want to use one on the part of my brain that makes me remember 'Speed 2'.

  7. I like to draw pictures of Sasquatch. And mermaids. Sometimes I combine them to make a Sasquatch Mermaid, but that's about all I ever draw.

    I like your picture.

  8. Pru, I'd like to see your unholy hybrid Sasquatch Mermaids!

    Thanks, your pictures are nice too. Wait, did you mean picture or drawing?

  9. Humph! I think I can do a little bit better than Suckimus Etchimus's feeble attempt!

    My day has been ok, thanks :)

    Hope you had something suitably yumtious for lunch after that early morning workout!

  10. I know you can Kate, I've seen your excellent dinosaurs. :P

    Glad to hear it went well, I hope some of the CV's are hitting the mark? Or, maybe you have been luxuriating in your new found free time :)

    I went outside for some oranges and a sandwich... It was all good...

  11. lol they were pretty special, weren't they! :P

    Will hopefully have some work soon, although I must admit to enjoying the free time just a teensy weensy little bit.

    Well that sounds very yummy :)

  12. a parte il libro..uno deve avere una vena artistica per disegnare...non basta esercizio...

  13. Bozena, sì, credo che si possa avere?

    Girl Interrupted, ...yum ;)

  14. Wow. I am totally getting that book. I'm halfway decent at art... if you'd like to see a painting of mine, copy and paste this link: http://splunkerdink.blogspot.com/2009/01/ok.html

    Thanks for the book suggestion!! :)

  15. OMG... Kimizzy... See the response to Mo above about using erasers on the brain...
    Seriously though, that is a good book.

  16. That looks good. I am envious of musicians and artists. I'd like to read that book. I'm sure it would help me improve my stick figures.

  17. ---Retraction - Kimizzy's painting is the second one, not the first disturbing image (I thought she was joking). Kimizzy is talented and a good artist! BUY HER STUFF NOW, I COMMAND YOU, MUAHHHAAHAA

    Hey Chaka, check the book out for sure. It really helped me.

  18. I'm jealous. Even my stick figures look weird.

  19. Hi Anna!
    Then I dedicate this instructional link to you:

  20. AWWWWWWW! Thanks so much.

    That was my first painting, and as I said in the post, it is not an original image (or idea). I was just playing around with paints one day and voila! Found out I was half-way decent.

    Thanks so much for your kind words!!