Friday, April 10, 2009

Niche Market? (questione di nicchia per l'arte)

I need some aesthetic opinions from the artful or at least the opinionated about my art niche. A while back I carved out a typical ovolo molding from a piece of marble to fit over the bare sheetrock that was the base of my art niche.

Here it was in process... I'd recommend using a zinc cutout of the profile taped on if you try this at home.

And, here is how it looks at the moment (with tiles stacked precariously).

I can't decide if I want to
1) put matching tile marbles cut in hundreds of rectangles with carved stone on the front edges, giving it a solid stone appearance OR
2) put carved stone on the front edges all the way around the perimiter and just plaster the back with a fresco (no designs, just antiquated color).
Does the marble tile approach remind of a WC?
I also was thinking of incorporating some gold Orsoni tile, but I'm not sure of how to make that look good unless the entire thing was mosaic...
Non riesco a decidere se voglio
1) mettere tegola marmi tagliati corrispondenti in rettangoli con pietra intagliata sul fronte bordi, dandogli l'aspetto di una solida pietra ...
2) mettere in pietra scolpita sul fronte tutti i bordi modo per aggirare il perimiter e solo la parte posteriore con un affresco (non i disegni, antiquato colore solamente).


  1. I'm not really 'your guy' for this but marble tiles do remind me of a WC or at least of 'baths'. WCs are often places of comfort so that isn't all bad ;)

  2. I really want to give you my opinion, as I have lots of them...but I can't really picture what it is that either of the options look like.

    I do like your little niche, though...and the hat looks good on the statue...she does look cold.

  3. I like the sound of option 2

    BTW: That's a very fetching hat that the bust is wearing. :P

  4. Hey mo, good point. I don't want someone taking a leak in the hall on the way out after a party. Or would that make a good blog entry?

    Lopez, my Thalia muse statue is kind of cold in here. She'll warm up when I take her over to Southfork Animal Clinic where we can recite some pastoral poetry that she is known for. Why they associated the muse of comedy with pastoral poetry, I'll never know. Maybe back in the old days, stepping in a cow 'gift' was the funniest thing that ever happened.

    Girl Interrupted, I agree on both, but good to get a stylistic confirmation.
    Yes, 2000 year old Thalia muse is dressed to 'carve out' some 'sick' snowboarding like I did with my brother last Februray when I cracked my rib...

  5. I can't spell February apparently when typing fast...

  6. I'd love to have a go at snowboarding!

  7. Kate, I think you'd have fun unless you lost concentration between Arctic Monkeys and Mazzy Star on your soundtrack and made close friends with a tree. My brother is supposed to go try it in Switzerland next year, we all were at Breckenridge this time.

    What is that reaallly slow one they sing, oh yeah 'Blue Light', it's the definition of 'laid back' I think.

  8. That's a good track ... I prefer "Roseblood", myself :P

  9. Rose Blood is a pretty song, on that same album Flowers in December is nice if you are in a down mood and have a harmonica and guitar handy. Also the one called All my Sisters is kind of catchy on the guitar...

    Hey, does Girl Interrupted play any instruments? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I like songs similar to 'Hammerhead' by Offspring for the snowboarding.

  10. lol oh gosh, no! My enthusiasm for music far outweighs my ability

    I like Offspring! And yes, definitely more suited to sporty snowboarding than airy fairy Mazzy Star lol

  11. Personally, I'd drop the tiles in favour of a subtle paint-effect that mimics marbelling, but I am not at all arty so I wouldn't listen if I were you

  12. I always say, you never know until you try. Jump in and if you don't like, have another go.

  13. Girl Interrupted, you'll have to go sometime soon. If you've never done anything similar, try to take a day or two of lessons so you don't get hurt! And take pictures so we can see how you do... YouTube has some good footage LOL...

    Mouse thanks for the opinion, I tend to agree that the paint effect would look better. For the front edges, I still need some sort of carved stone 'break' so the fresco paint will not jut up against the regular wall paint.

  14. Mary, good advice for walls and snowboarding. BTW, I love your mosaic wall backsplash work in glass. I've never tried the glass, but your work is very well done.