Thursday, April 16, 2009

New sculpture started, and it's got me short stacked (nuova scultura)

...and the faceless bastard didn't reraise into my flush chasing after the flop just now. I think I know his tell though, so he's on the ropes.

Ok, the tie-in to neoclassical stuff and art is tenuous, but I had to show off my chips because Kimmizzie and Lopez like poker. And, the clay bust will be one of my dad, not some sort of weird 'modern art' thing like a mannequin sculpture or something.

And here is a closer shot of the Paulsons. Does anyone read Spanish well? I designed the logo / layout, so don't tell me if I screwed up the translation at the bottom (I don't want to know).

Italiana --- Ecco alcune poker chips fatto che una ditta per me. La nuova scultura sarà di mio padre. Non è completo, ma è vincente. Ciao...


  1. Hey! Nice chips! ;)

    Not much of that Red Label left, is there! Had a good night, Eric?

    Can't wait to see the bust when it's finished.

    (where do you find the time for all these cool projects!!!)

  2. Hilarious photo. Hope setting it up didn't interrupt your work schedule too much...

  3. Thanks Girl Interrupted, x
    It's always a good night at Eric's, did I drink all that? Oh wait, that's the crappy low-budget stuff I serve to players and sculpture heads that are winning (poker losers here get a different JW).

    I can't wait to see the finished face either (still kind of vague in my mind), unlike other things being created currently.

    I have lots of time on my hands these days and I've got to do something besides *ahem* just going 'out to the garage'.

    Mo -- thanks! No it didn't interrupt much since he was the fill-in player from last time and was still hanging around. Keep up the great writing, I'm always on the edge of the chair for the next.

  4. The chips are awesome! I want some personalized poker chips!! Casa de Lopez! ;o)

    Looks like the bust is way better at poker than you. He's totally stacked (that's what she said...oh...wait...)

    Great post, can't wait to see the finish bust of su padre!

  5. Hahaha ... Eric! You make the best comments! *hugs* :D

  6. Thanks Lopez, I had to use 'Casa' because the lawyers at Paulson strictly said NO to the word 'Casino'. :(

    Yes, the bust without a face, pupil dialations, breathing, or generally motion of any kind is surprisingly difficult to read.

    Thanks, your posts are fun too!

    Kate, thanks, I'm blushing again (which usually causes me to lose the hand).

  7. Your translation is good. :)

    Nice chips, and I really hope you busted that guy. ;)

  8. Hey Kimizzy,

    Thanks and yeah I'm posting lots of 'missed blinds'. There won't be anything left after I get off work.

  9. Ooooh - give me some of that scotch!

  10. Hey Dr. Zibbs, it's JW Blue if you are in the house, win or lose.