Sunday, April 5, 2009

Resin cast complete (Medusa resina è finito)

Finally, after reading Louis Slobodkin's nice book on sculpture with all the handy tips about plaster casting, I have a resin and marble dust copy. This is still not the end product, but will be used to get reference points for drilling into real stone. One cool tip picked up from that book is when you are making the plaster mold over a clay original, pick an odd color like blue pigment powder mixed in with the first thin layer of plaster. Then proceed with white for the rest of it. So, when you are chipping off the mold from your casting, you see the blue when you get close to the cast part. Otherwise, this face might be missing a nose or something... Maybe that would have made it more real looking (ancient)?


  1. So that explains the Sphinx...misleading use of colour and bad drill points...

  2. Tsk ... those ancient egyptians were sloppy cowboys

    Unlike you, Eric ... nice work! You're what my Grandmother would call a "clever old stick"

  3. Mo, I blame the ancestors of Dr. Zahi Hawass for the bad drill job part of it. :)

    Kate, thanks and I think that you are a v... wait a minute... did you just use your Grandmother to call me a name? Oh wait, I just looked it up on the English rhyming slang translator, it's ok.

  4. Haha ... Eric!! As if I'd call you THAT!!! :P

  5. :)
    ok then...
    abbraccio grandissimo per te

  6. I know I really good mold maker in PA if you ever need one. He does it professionally for a place I used to work at but also does side work.

  7. Hey DZ!

    Thanks, I might, this was totally new for me and I biffed it up a few times before it was ok.

    BTW, excellent blogging site.

  8. I mean, the one that you run, of course.

  9. Ciao si questi disastri naturali non fanno male solo a coloro che lo stanno vivendo,ma anche a noi che lo seguiamo sui giornali in televisione..
    Sono cose troppo brutte in 20 secondi perdere tutto casa e famiglia,sacrifici di una vita dissolti,piegati su sè stessi..A presto da Deny...

  10. Pensieri e parole,

    Gratzie per venuti, e il tuo blog è molto buona informazione. Purtroppo, l'informazione non è buona dal centro italia adesso. I miei pensieri sono con voi tutti.


    If 'yer feelin mardy, remember those that have it worse in Italy... :)