Friday, April 3, 2009

Bar Like a Temple Floor (Tempio Piano Birra)

My Medusa mold is done and I have the positive in resin and marble dust finally. But, it is not photoworthy yet, so here is a project from last year. I was impressed very thoroughly with the interesting stonework in ancient Pompeii and wanted something other than plywood for the top of the bar. So, I settled on a marble square in square pattern with a raised lip around the sink. I still need to do a relief and mosaic combo in the background, but it's like a blank page and I have writers' block.
Qui ho fatto la quadrata in quadrata di marma per il bar... è ispirato da Pompei. Mmmm, birra :)


  1. So is this some project, or is that your kitchen? Crumbs I'd love a fry-up in that environment :)

  2. Hey there mo!

    It is my outside kitchen because the one inside is just for show (and formal occasions).

    You and any three of your closest friends are always welcome for fajitas / margaritas if in the Dallas area. Well, unless you bring someone who is Dutch (kidding)...

  3. I'm so impressed that you have a kitchen that's "just for show"!!!

    Mind you, my kitchen doesn't get used much so technically ...

  4. Girl Interrupted, I hear you have cooking sherry at the very least...

    Prunella, thanks, I need to start on that life-sized statue now in carerra marble. :)

  5. I do Eric ... it's about 5 years old though

    Ah well, 2004 was a good year for cooking sherry