Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Roman Stones (pietre di Roma)?

So last fall I was swimming just off the shore of a small town in the Var (France in case anyone's not up on Jeopardy world geography category). My foot bumped up against a strangely shaped stone so I dove down to pick it up. It looks kind of like a thumb or big toe from a statue(no jokes here please), but I'm not sure enough to have the museum do a TL or something to see if it's authentic. It seems to be a worked piece of stone because of the straight angle underneath that it is cut at (not visible in the photo). If it is from a statue, it would have had to been huge.

What do any readers think? 1) Artifact or 2) What, it's a rock you goof...

Recently, I've read 'Understanding Roman Inscriptions' by Lawrence Keppie which is a comprehensive survey into reading all those wordy pats on the back that the Romans were so fond of. Hopefully, I can apply some of this in abbreviating carvings for the pool area in a realistic way. I was thinking of using the unpolished side of the slab here (cut to golden rectangle on the right side) and typical name dedication in small letters, but large letters for the Latin phrase for 'Relax and Play', which will involve carving a 'u' as a 'v' which is almost as cool as carving one of those combination 'ae' letters. I'm thinking gilding on the inside of these letters, but maybe bronze cast after taking a mold.

Speaking of bronze, I wish the foundry I emailed would get back with me about the cost of casting lectus couch legs given the plaster models... Maybe they are waiting for copper prices to go back up?


Nell'autunno scorso mi è stato nuoto vicino alla Var (Francia). Mio piede urtato contro una strana tipo di pietra, così ho colomba a venire a ritirarlo.Sembra come una sorta di grande dito per una statua?

Che cosa qualsiasi lettori pensano? 1) Artefatto o 2) è una roccia, che l'uomo è un pazzo! ...


  1. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for my garden statue's toe. I have no idea how it got to France.

  2. lol @ Mo's comment

    It could be either, Eric ... but you should definitely get it checked out, just in case it is an exciting artifact! That would be so cool that you found a really old toe!

    And I like the "Relax and Play" idea, can't wait to see the pics when it's all finished :)

  3. Mo, lol :) are you sure that's the only piece of the statue missing? I'm looking for a reason to go back to Europe to look for more artifacts.

    Girl Interrupted, I appreciate your newfound keen appreciation of Latin, and also how this particular post is not boring you. And, thanks for the 'International Bloggerati' linkage. I am finally associated (loosely anyhow) with greatness...

  4. lol I've always loved history, Eric, it's one of my obsessions ... and you earned that linkage! I love your posts and comments and I think others should too

  5. Ps: I just noticed ... is your hand bandaged?

    Did the chisel slip?

  6. :) Kate, that would make a good story, I'd have to ask Mo to tell it as only he could.

    No, I realized I hadn't posted for a few days and was in a hurry to the gym this morning when I took the pics. I use the wraps because the stupid leather ones rip after a few days on the curl bar (and I have some palm scars to prove having no wraps is a bad idea). Palms scars from the curl bar? Ok, that sounds bad.

  7. Haha ... I reckon Mo could make an awesome tale from that :P

    I always knew exercise was bad for you!

  8. Wow...Why do I feel smarter after having read the first page of your site?? A far cry from posting a clip of the Family Guy, eh?

    I was also under the impression that Italian was Spanish's close cousin...but after reading your brief Italian blurbs, I see I was sorely mistaken!

  9. Lopez thanks for stopping by! I like the comedic gold of any Family Guy clip and I like the people that post it even more. Such great cultural references...

    I've had tons of Spanish classes in high school and my maternal Grandmother was from Mexico, so you probably heard my Spanish accent in the Italian. haha!

  10. Ahhh...your Spanish accent didn't go unnoticed in your Italian...!


    (If I could consistently type without making mistakes, I wouldn't have to delete comments!)

  11. Where is your little "Follow Me" button? I can't seem to find it...!

    How am I to follow you if it is invisible?

  12. Well, I added it just for you (Sorry, kind of new to blogspot).

  13. I think it's a stone that's a key part of an Indian brainwashing and children-enslaving cult's brainwashing and children-enslaving ceremonies. Oh wait. My bad. That was Indiana Jones.

  14. Oh Snap! I am your first Follower...that comes with a medal or something, yes? A rock...fossil...something, no?

  15. Actually, Girl Interrupted was the first follower through some sort of strange voodoo web magic.

    So, I paint a portrait of her first or mosaic if she wants, then Prunella Jones's carerra marble torso exhibited so brazenly on her website, then I'll do something for you...

  16. LOL TishTash,
    Shaman of Maypore: Now you see the power of the rock you bring back...

  17. wow! that would be so exciting a find.

  18. Hi Ruthie,
    It's hard to see in the photo, but a thumbnail outline is really visible to me (but worn because of time in the ocean), and it would be highly improbable that a rock formed with symmetry of a fingernail (toenail?) so randomly.

    Girl Interrupted, what color are your eyes then so I can choose the stone correctly? They seem to be brown in your blog photo, but I could be wrong...

  19. Yep, chocolate brown

    Although I've always wanted blue eyes, so if you have any pretty blue tiles ...