Friday, April 17, 2009

Dallas / Ft Worth Art (arte a Dallas/Fort Worth)

Here is the wonderful Dallas Museum of Art where today I saw a

lovely pair of Tuts...

So I'm invited here for a 'mock' auction, or 'mocktion' I guess, put on by Sotheby's. It's like they are training the donors, bleh. Anyhow, the after-parties are always good I guess.

Much more exciting, is the Fort Worth art festival all this weekend. I might pick up some quality neo-classic goods, there should be about 250 artists with booths if it's like last time.

Wish me luck :)


per Italia:
Il presentazione di 'King Tut' è ancora in Dallas. Il museo vuole a tutti di andare offerta in un'asta. Domani, spero di acquisto presso la fiera d'arte in Ft. Worth.


  1. lol @ a lovely pair of tuts!! :P

    Good luck Eric :) It sounds like great fun! Hope you find lot's of treasures for your sumptious Roman villa.

  2. ooooooh! Did you bid on anything, or just load up on canapés?

  3. Girl Interrupted, thanks! There's always fun stuff to see at the DMA. Every once in a while I still snicker about Morisot's 'Winter Woman with a Muff'...

    Katrocket, no bids this time because there was an open bar :) and the row's canapé service was a bit slow. The chocolate drink things were good though.

  4. And who could blame you, Eric? That's comedy gold right there!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

  5. *big smiles*
    Kate, hope yours is, how do you say it in 'Old Blighty', 'top drawer' also.

  6. Grazie per il tuo commento sul mio blog!
    Complimenti per il tuo lavoro.

  7. Ciao lo so k nn sono trasmissioni serie e soprattutto nn sono la realtà,però devo dire k sono molto divertenti...Da Deny ciaooooooooo

  8. Hope you had fun at your mocktion...obviously, I'm reading your posts out of order this morning!!!

    I, too, like your pair of Tuts up there!!!

  9. Lopez, the fakey auction stuff is fun.
    When I saw them up there like that for no apparent reason other than covering more of the wall, well I had to titter. :)

    Meg, grazie

    Deny - :)

  10. You had to titter, huh?

    Too bad you didn't Twitter...or I would have been caught up in REAL time, rather than playing catch up on Monday morning!!!

    heh heh

  11. :) Oh, the lengths I'll go to for a bad pun or a pretty girl's approval.

    I need to check into that Twitter thing.