Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ft. Worth Art Fair (fiera d'arte di Ft. Worth)

I was out this weekend scouring the best paintings and what-nots that the area had to offer. In terms of realism painting, it was kind of disappointing. There were some quirky ones with indoor views that focused mostly on walls and windows out to boring landscape and a guy that did a nice surreal white rabbit from 'Alice in Wonderland', but he wanted too much for what it was. Most of it was the giclee computer generated crud that looks great from say, a football field away. Thinking about blogging friends, I imagined that Mo would appreciate this bizarre sculpture because of his affinity to early morning disturbances.

(All in all, it was a very weak showing for realism / neoclassic subject matter)

On a tangent, tonight I put on the old 'inconspicuous' clothing and went to a disreputable establishment of 'convenience'. In said location, I proceeded to purchase several thousand Texas Lottery tickets in hopes of helping out fun blog friend Girl Interrupted who is awesome, gorgeous, learns Latin at MJenks place, and so perfect (especially if she is reading this).

After filling up two garbage bins with 'scratch off shavings', I couldn't believe my eyes. A winner... 20 USD!!! Not quite the return I had hoped for; maybe some currency contract straddles next month would be better?

Sono andata ad una fiera d'arte di questo fine settimana. La maggior parte delle opere d'arte è stata molto deludente (o troppo costose).
Ehi! Ho anche acquistato un biglietti che hanno vinto... ahahaa


  1. Like hell do I appreciate that thing, winding its way through heavily pedestrianised centres leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Or do you mean I would appreciate the photo, which I do, cheers mate, it's *ahem* made my day!

  2. Awww Eric! Way to make me blush!! :P

    And $20! Woohoo! It's a start and I appreciate all the effort :)

    Sorry you didn't find any treasures ... although I can't understand why you didn't buy that big chicken! Looks classy to me! :P

  3. $20!!! Whoa, better not walk around with THAT much money in your pocket!!!

    We are having the Arts Festival up here this week (and half of last week) as well...

  4. Mo - good, then my mission is accomplished.

    Girl Interrupted - I think that should be my new calling in life. I'll get you a big classy chicken then...

    Lopez - criminals would have done better to rob me before I bought the tickets. Let me know if you see any good paintings if you go.

  5. grazie per visitare mio blog e grazie per la nota. Lo imparo l'italiano, mais je parle francais bien! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  6. "Abstract art: a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered”
    -Al Capp

    Abstract art completely and totally bores me as well. It is much more impressive and difficult to paint something as it is and add your own imagination without betraying the subject's essence.

  7. SSP - Benvenuto a mio blog. I'm glad someone can speak French, as my skills are horribly bad. I found this out when trying to ask Ginette at the Arles Museum about some of the blue limestone used in their mosaics of antiquity. Keep us in the loop as to whether you will move to Paris or not.

    Kimizzy, we are of one mind on the art I think. My favorites are really close to real, but fantastical (like on the Waichulus art gallery links over to the right). The ones like the mouse handing the cat flowers... genius trompe l'oeil... :)

  8. So...I don't have an eye for art (don't shoot me!), but I guaranty that I will go to the art's festival one day this week, find a piece of art, photo it and post it. Just for you...from blogger to blogger.

  9. Aww, thanks Lopez. As soon as I get finished with the mosaic of Kate, I'll bump up a project for your house ahead of Pru's torso :)

  10. that rooster is gorgeous! a former short lived passionate obsession :) of mine was roosters - mostly gallic ceramic ones from different parts of France. Then people started giving me them, and I'd pick them up when I saw one I liked somewhere (one of my favorites is from Navaholand). I still have a "roost" up in the window over the kitchen sink. I can't wait to see you get going on this pool!

  11. Wow! You're right - that IS an enormous cock(erel). Cool use of colour on it.

    But I'd like to think that they only put wheels on it to turn it into some kind of doomsday machine.

  12. This is not the huge cock i was imagining...this one is more colourful