Thursday, September 17, 2009

Museum Fun (Museo con Tiepolo)

A few weekends ago, I saw a unique exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. The last great Venetian painter Tiepolo (Giovanni Battista) from the neoclassical era was featured by Philip Haas.

Haas was commissioned by the Kimbell to create something interesting based on two Tiepolo sketch paintings it has in its collection used as models for some of his frescos.

The film was shot from several angles to be shown in a specific viewing room set up with architectural elements from ancient times. The film was projected on the ceiling and four different walls simultaneously, and many times the projections interacted with each other.
For example, at his easel the actor playing Tiepolo looks at real people acting as mythological beings arrayed as if in a fresco and paints them. Mirrors in his studio reflect actions and points of view on the other walls and ceiling.

It wasn't very fast moving (that would make someone sick), but it was better described as subtle changes over time on the different projected panels.

At first it was a little strange being in a room where you can't see all the things going on, but you see some things changing. It was like being in a 360 degree media room that was showing neoclassical stuff. It was pretty high resolution, so it was different to be standing in the midst of all the crazy images.

I'm normally a Dallas Museum of Art kind of guy, but if you are around the Dallas area and have the time, Kimbell is well worth a visit (also, it is free).

Normally after such an interesting exhibit, I would normally be ready to get out the lime plaster and authentic colors and do a fresco now, but I'm getting ready to go to this place.

and this place...

and this place...


  1. I saw that exhibit two weeks ago. I really enjoyed it, maybe more so because it's not every day you can lay on the floor in a museum without being asked to leave.

  2. I'll bet it was awesome.

    I went to the royal palace of Madrid years ago. After reading this, I started browsing through some of Tiepolo's work to see if I could recall seeing any of it there, but I'm not sure. I couldn't recall seeing the fresco in the throne room...don't even know if we went into the throne room. Gotta hate a shoddy memory.

  3. I'm getting ready to cry. Can I come too?

  4. You, a 'Dallas Museum of Art kind of guy'? Nah, I don't believe it.

    Occasionally I like to act as a mythological being, but it is quite tiring and the police don't appreciate my efforts.

    Inspiring stuff by Haas though.

  5. oh this is awesome!! I need to plan a nice long layover in Dallas sometime!!!! thanks for posting this!

  6. I bet that ceiling is really trippy. They should put a strobe light on it.

  7. I really want to come as well. Room enough surely?

  8. Are you getting ready for some tomb-robbing?

  9. When it comes to museums, the words “free admission” have a certain ring. But hey, we, the Dutch, are famous for our presumed greed, or at least ‘cheapness’ so what did you expect ;) But seriously, in the Netherlands, free days at museums are difficult to come by.

    Btw, that last picture made me cry. Maybe I should get ready to do a fresco myself since I’m NOT going to Italy :( but I think I’ll spare myself the humiliation and ridicule that would surly come with that scenario.

    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Wow that sounds cool.

    What's that last little island that you're going to? I want to live there.

  11. Would love to have viewed that. I guess that quality is only in developed countries. Can't wait.

  12. It sounds so amazing and beautiful and uncomparable to anything else. The most incredible place I've ever been that beats all its predecessors is the Louvre. I could've died happy right there and then, but now I would love to see something like this. So thanks for making me want to live a little while longer ;)

  13. That hallway is freaking and awesome all at the same time.

  14. iasa,
    Haha! Wasn't that interesting? I think the DMA would throw me out if I tried it.
    Maybe I could bring a little mat or something? I was surprised about the extent of the Kimbell's Meso American and European painting collections.

    It was awesome as museums go, which maybe you should discount a bit coming from me because I love me some museums.
    Also I have never been to Spain... and regret it after your comment. *next year*

    Vegetable 149,
    Sure, you can room with mom so your boyfriend doesn't mind.

    The women police officers around the greater Brighton/Sussex area don't appreciate fawn-like behaviour directed at them?

    Downtown Ft. Worth is great! Though maybe the street theater performances aren't as good as NY?

    It was a bit trippy. It makes you kind of paranoid because you can't see all the walls at the same time, but things are changing everywhere.

    Sure, we'll make it a big 'grand tour' party...

    The Jules,
    Robbing of *inspiration* only... Just inspiration...

    Dutch Donut Girl,
    Oh come on, you citizens of the Netherlands are famous for your painting abilities, I mean come on 'Dutch Masters'??
    Even in Curacao, which I love, they houses are always painted great. Isn't that little island on Lake Guarda awesome?
    They also have a little ruin on a peninsula that Catalus wrote about 2000 years ago (Sirmione).

    It's Lake Guarda, which I'll stop by, but the main destination is Lake Como. I understand, I want to live there too.

    What? It was kind of high tech, but it wasn't 3D or anything like they say all TVs will be in another year or so.

    You are absolutely right about the Louvre. I only spent a day there, but I could have easily spent a week or two.
    Oh no, sounds like bachelor #2 has you considering the gallows??? Chin up...

    Everyone should have a four wall and ceiling projected media room I think. Kind of like Star Trek's 'holideck'?

  15. Rub it in..rub it in. You should definitely take some food photos when you're there.

  16. Nikki,
    Oh, well it's like payback for all those awesome Oregon trip pictures you posted...
    I will do, Italian food is greatness.

    Anna cara,
    Tiepolo era di talento, sei d'accordo?
    Venezia e Ravenna, Io nn c sn, ma sarà il mese prossimo. Sono li con lo spirito... :)

  17. It's worth it. I plan on going again one day. I've never been to a more laid back place in my life.

    If you go...make sure you stop at the Church of Santo Tomé in Toledo. El Greco's painting "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz" is there. It's huge and one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

    Toledo itself is great too, but that painting was just amazing. I bought a copy done in oil, brought it back and had it matted, framed, and put on my wall. It looks a little out of place...especially since I'm not a religious person, but I love it all the same.

    Ok. I'm done now. ;)

  18. I've been in so many ancient churches in the past month, I think I'll smell incense if I fart.