Friday, February 26, 2010

Greece in the Frying Pan (Guai a Caldo di Grecia)

I like Greece, sunny, usually friendly people for the most part, the birthplace of actual democracy and Olympic games. Nothing like a bit of retsina in the evening on a rooftop patio in my favorite section of The Plaka, but now there is a little bit of trouble. They spent more than they should have and the amount of their debt is supposed to be 20% bigger than all the goods and services they produce for a whole year. That would be like some people owing 1.2 million dollars.

Here is a photo I took on a boat off the Ia side of the Greek island of Thera which captured the intense reds of the sunset there. It reminds me of the money that the Greek government and bankers who allowed them to get in over their heads are hemorrhaging.

Oh, but back to the problem at hand... In a sense, Greece is dragging down the Eurozone with them too. That's kind of the issue which crops up when one doesn't keep international trade at arms length and comingles current accounts of nations.

Well fear not, I have an idea! We can just divy up and sell off the antiquities of Greece to the highest bidders. I'm almost certain that the UK would love to have the rest of the Parthenon in downtown London to go with the Elgin Marbles which already reside in their museum.

Me, I just want a couple of caryatides from Athens to build a pool bath / marble cabana with. What would you guys bid on?


  1. The Parthenon looks perfectly at home in London!

  2. Could I somehow take control of the export of feta and greek yogurt? Not that we can't make it here in the states, but it would be authentic.

  3. I think I'd have to bid on the amphitheater of Epidaurus. I'm a big fan of theatre / performing arts, etc.

    There are some places that just seem...full of magic. And even without having been there, Greece just seems like one of those places to me.

  4. Unfortunetly, I have know idea what I would bid on, cause I have no money! LOL! Maybe I could afford a cobblestone! LOL!

  5. I would want a Greek sculpture or two.
    Let's hope we can pull Greece out of its debt crisis.

  6. I really like that little Queen Elizabeth head crowing over her latest shopping find! Perfect for the Olympics in 2 years...

  7. Proceeds from all olive-oil exporting?

    Or maybe just a lifetime supply of olive oil. It's delicious.

  8. Wendy B,
    Hah, it does doesn't it? I thought putting it on the Thames would be the most logical choice.

    No, the greek yogurt is mine, as is all the honey to be mixed with it at breakfast.

    That's a very good choice. Greece is great, you need to go!

    A cobblestone! I'd buy a cobblestone too.

    Dutch Donut Girl,
    Yep, they were awesome ancient sculptors.
    I agree, if not it will wreak havoc across the other EU nations.

    I knew what a big fan of disembodied speaking heads you are...
    I didn't even consider the Olympics tie in, well done!

    I agree, and yes, you are now the queen of olive oil. Wait, olive or 'all-of'???

  9. I'd bid for the acropolis for a quid.

  10. I read your question over at Mo's about the pigeons, and had to come over to see what else your brain came up with. Another very good question! Geez, I don't want any old stone work, but if I could rent the Aegean sea for a pool party that would be cool.

  11. What a treat to come see what your up to! Perhaps you should work for the state of Arizona who seems to be getting deeper and deeper in debt.. On the other hand what you propose reminds me of the London Bridge which now resides here in Az. at Lake Havasu. Ha.. of all places. I guess money talks, eh? Robert McCulloch bought the London Bridge in 1968, paying $2,460.000! I wonder what it would be worth on todays market... oh Govenor....Eric is a genius!


    On the other hand, I don't think you can stop at just one or two of those beautiful Caryatids... I say go for broke! lol. You'd never be alone again for sure. :D

  12. Those columns are stunning, I'm a big fan of ancient Greek culture. Great post!

  13. I don't care what people say, Greece is Heaven on Earth.