Tuesday, June 29, 2010

COPS is Better Live (Distretto di Polizia è Meglio in Reale)

Recently, I was driving home from a film, 'Get Him To the Greek', at around 1 am last Saturday. The film wasn't the greatest, but some parts were mildly amusing.

On the way back home, I happened to take a road that was three lanes on each side, yet had a very slow 30 mph speed limit. At about the time I realized I was going somewhere in the neighborhood of 30% too fast, I see the cheerful blue and red police lights behind me.

Resigned to getting a speeding violation of some sort, I signal and get over to the right. The police officer then shoots past me on the left (metaphorically by driving, no guns were involved) and turns off the flashing lights. So, I think 'Great, I get a lucky warning from the lenient officer tonight.' This notion is particularly reinforced when I see him stopped at the intersection light down the road in front of me, because if he was on a call surely he would have kept driving.

By the time I begin to catch up with him at the light, it changed green and the police officer drove on ahead quickly. As I'd just been warned, I decided not to push my luck and drove comfortably under the limit.

A few moments pass as the officer disappears from sight. I then see a white pickup truck rapidly overtaking me on the left. The truck barrels past me, zooming along at least 45% over the speed limit. Surely the officer was not going to be as kind with a whole 15% more over the limit speed compared to my transgression.

Well, I get to the top of the hill in front of me just in time to see the officer's vehicle parked in the median turn on all of his lights. Incredibly, the truck speeds on and jumps over a curb to the right and drives down below a bridge into a nature park area with trees and dirt and things like that. I can't say that it was unexpected to see the police follow the truck down, but it was still shocking to witness.

When I get on the bridge, my headlights are illuminating a figure in a brown tshirt running as fast as I've seen anyone run in a long time (away from the ditched truck). The officer quickly adjusted a spotlight on the runner and drove after him. I'm pretty sure that he gave the suspect a gentle bump to persuade him not to run anymore, but I couldn't be sure because of all the dust that was billowing up. It was very much like watching an episode of COPS from my vantage point on the bridge above the action.

It eventually dawned on me that I had been slowing down to see the events unfold. I began to wonder if having a running car stopped very close to a possible violent felon on the run from the police was a good personal safety lifestyle choice. Carefully weighing the alternatives of seeing an excellent chase vs. getting violently carjacked, I decide to drive on and read about it in the paper the next day. Unfortunately, as of yet I haven't seen the story printed.

So was this all good karma (not getting the citation) because of my bad experience (having to see 'Get Him To the Greek')? I may never know. Anyway, congrats to the local police for being on the ball and willing to risk life and limb to protect and serve. Although, in this particular case, I'd imagine they were risking the suspect's limbs a bit more than their own. I guess the important thing to remember is do not run from police, you will not win.

Fun 'cops' show in Italian.

Here is a fun police chase.

Another love tap to stop the suspect.


  1. I have only been pulled over by a cop three times in my long driving career. Each time I didn't say a thing.
    I handed over my license, registration and insurance, and guess what? I've never gotten a speeding ticket.

    The less you say to an on duty cop, the better.

    Still, I wonder what did happen out there that night?

  2. Oooh! Exciting stuff! I've never witnessed anything like that ... well, there was an incident once where two elderly ladies practically jousted, using those motorised scooter thingies and walking sticks, trying to get to the last pack of support stockings in the local supermarket ... but that was more 'scary' than 'exciting'.

    I'm a bit disappointed to hear you say the film wasn't very good, they've been playing the trailer to death here and made it look quite funny. I think I'll just wait for it to come out on dvd now.

    Hope all is good with you, Eric :)

  3. It's never a good idea to run from the police.
    I tried it and failed miserably.

    I can't stand Russel Brand so I think I will pass on this movie for now.

    Second video was hilarious.

  4. I'm pretty sure that was that cops shining moment and you were the only witness. He will you hunt you down someday so you can retell the story to his buddies. Watch your back!

  5. Everyday Goddess,
    Yep, they just have a job to do, so like you say sometimes the less said the better.
    It was very odd, it must have been at least a stolen vehicle. I'd hate to think it was a violent offender.

    Girl Interrupted,
    It was an interesting visual for sure, although old ladies fighting over supermarket stockings should be on a television programme somewhere.
    Ah, I probably ran it down a bit too much. It had some funny moments...
    Things are going well, are you feeling better?

    Dutch Donut Girl,
    Ah, you had me going there, I thought for a moment that you were on the run...
    Yeah, the second video where the guy slides down the hood of his own moving car?
    That move should be in a film someday.

    I wish I would have been fast enough to turn on the video recorder in my phone!
    It was all awesome.

  6. Wow that is crazy. How exciting and terrifying at the same time!

    I don't condone police being unnecessarily violent as I'm pretty sure they have training to subdue people without unduly hurting them.

  7. luckeeee, i almost never see live cops. only the TV kind cuz chuck makes me.

  8. It was extra lucky that you got just a warning, otherwise this story may never have happened and I would not have been thoroughly entertained. Bless that cop.

  9. My hubby watches those cop shows and sometimes I do too. I never understand those folks who try to run, most of them are trying to hold their big baggy britches up and end up tripping on them. Then I remember why I like to watch it!

  10. When I was a kid, a car pulled up in the parking lot of my apartment complex while a bunch of us neighborhood were playing. The guys got out and chatted us up for a minute. Then they went upstairs to the building next to ours and used a battering ram to get in.

    They were SWAT team. And that's probably the most exciting thing I've ever witnessed involving po poes.

  11. Soda,
    I drove by there yesterday and the stop sign was knocked over (and they were putting up a replacement).
    Yes, it's a bit weird when the police use deadly force to stop someone from running. But, I guess that's why when the police yell 'stop', it's really a good idea to do so.

    And I used to think that all those 'COPS' type shows were scripted. Little did I know it really happens...

    I was very lucky, I'll watch my speed from now on (for the most part, usually).

    Yeah, I'd say 50% of them run. Why?

    Wow, that's kind of non-chalant to just be shooting the breeze one moment, then the bad guys the next!

  12. Wait- you were watching a badass chase scene and just left?? You're nuts, man!

    I would have stayed and turned on some jammin' tunes in my car as theme music. Then called my friends. Serious? How often do you get to see something cool like that?

    Cool blog- I like your style.