Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Local Television Production (i Bravi Ragazzi)

Driving up Greenville Avenue in Dallas at happy hour time one hot afternoon not too very long ago, I happened to notice a boom camera, police directing traffic, dodgy 'roadie' types standing around with microphones and wires, and several 'gawkers' along the opposite side of the road.

Individually, any of these things could be dismissed out of hand. But, all of these items taken in together pointed to some sort of organized activity, a 'production' if you will...
It seemed to center around a local nightspot and this bizarre 1970's style F-body car. So I put down my right window and snapped a quickie with my phone cam.

I supposed it was a motion picture production because we haven't had adult television* produced here since 'Walker, Texas Ranger'. I think the lady that produced the 'Barney' kids show was from Plano, just northeast of Dallas, but I haven't been keeping tabs on those sorts of programs and whether or not they are still being churned out.

* adult television not in the sense of 'plain brown wrapper'... Also, I realize that some people did not consider 'Walker, Texas Ranger' as adult television, although purportedly some people over the age of 18 viewed it somewhat regularly.

It turns out that Dallas has attracted production of 'The Good Guys', which was supposed to be shot in Los Angeles originally. The series seems to be a throwback to late seventies early eighties buddy cop shows.

Despite not usually viewing much television, I feel compelled to watch it because they'll drop in various landmark references like 'Highland Park' and other things which make me chuckle. If you recall the film 'X-Files' they showed Dallas as some sort of West Texas desert plain. It's green people, there *are* trees and grass here.

It's kind of weird that Tom Hank's kid is in this. I hope at some point in the series that he will yell 'WILSON!!!!!' in a vague reference to 'Castaway'. My hopes are not too high, but it's interesting to see that television production has increased close to 100% around Dallas this year.


  1. Equally notable is his partner, Bradley Whitford, who I know best as Al Pacino's nephew in Scent of a Woman. He also turned in a masterful performance as the evil "Eric" in the modern day classic, Billy Madison.

  2. Stars right in your own backyard. Nothing cool happens here.

  3. ...and then you got home and carved a statue to the tune of fine wine?

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about Texas, Dallas, or Walker. I know the X-Files though, so I think that means I'm in.

  4. That car looks as though it may well have featured prominently in adult television, of the brown wrapper kind.

    * Cue 'Boom-chicka-wow-wow' music*

  5. hmmmm, interesting. i almost tried to watch it but then it was like 20 minutes after. so, i didn't. best story ever!

  6. Yeah, I saw Tom Hank's kid was in it. And then I thought, wasn't Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies? Yes, yes he was.

  7. Shawn,
    Oh yeah, Billy Madison. Not all Erics are evil.

    Really, I think you have some photos standing next to stars.

    Yep, carving statues are easy when drinking.

    Girl Interrupted,
    Haha, I think you're right, wasn't it in 'Roller Disco Raunch Part Five'?

    Yeah, it's painful for me to make it all the way through an episode.

    Don't forget 'Bachelor Party' (the bus driver) and 'Forrest Gump' (the dimwitted fellow)

  8. I'm with Girl Interrupted. That car has some heavy 70's music, fu-manchu facial hair, leisure suit dripping erotica.

  9. That's Tom Hanks' KID? I thought they were bros. Damn T-Hanks is old!

  10. That is so cool! I didn't know that was Tom Hank's son. This adult watched 'Walker, Texas Ranger' and loved it!

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  12. hat car is hawt. ha ha!

    tom hanks' son is so much better looking that tom hanks. john ritter's son on the other hand, is just as cute as jack tripper was in threes company. sad he left us so early :(

  13. *hat is "that" (typed too fast google cut off my first letter)