Saturday, May 9, 2009

2,000 Year Old Women in Bikinis

The Romans apparently had the concept of the women's bikini down well before modern civilzation did, as this ancient mosaic from Piazza Armerina (Sicily) illustrates. Notice the pretty carnellian type stones used for the fabric of the bathing suits?

I think it is safe to draw from this that beach babes circa the first century were into miniature dumbell weightlifting and green sand volleyball. They also used olive oil for suntan lotion, and scraped off the excess with a curved stick *chuckle*.

And, just like in modern times, the professional full-time volleyball Roman woman seems to be a little less endowed up top... That's ok, it's been that way for thousands of years. I'll bet in Olympic volleyball, the Roman women's team would have kicked Greece's butt.

Finally, in keeping with the spirit of 'beachy', I promised Mo and Kate (the jelly biter) a listen to my horrible unpolished and overly repetitive reggae song I played years ago that I was listening to (among other old pieces of crap) when doing the meme. No lyrics recorded, but they are written... So here is 'Revolution', and as always you asked so don't f'ng laugh. BTW, the boring picture is a beach I was at last time chartering.

PS - I'm still trying to get the vid clips of our Raiders of The Lost Ark movie from one of my old highschool friends to whom I'll refer to mysteriously as 'Sean the director'.He better not have lost those!!!

PPS - check out the blogger Anna Russell's latest video clip. They all are the cutest family I've ever seen!


I Romani avevano il concetto di bikini donna giù ben prima di moderna civilzation, apparentemente, come questo mosaico antico da Piazza Armerina (Sicilia)!!!
Penso che sia sicuro per attingere da questa che ragazza bella di spiaggia circa il primo secolo erano in miniatura dumbell pesi e verde sabbia pallavolo. :)

Hanno utilizzato anche l'olio d'oliva per il 'creme abbronzanti', e raschiati via l'eccesso con un bastone curvo, lol.

La musica è il mio tipo di reggae, perché gli amici mi vogliono a postare. Purtroppo, è completa immondizia... Ciao!


  1. Oooh! Roman lady on the right should really wear a tankini with her figure! :/ But I like her hairdo alot!

    Loved the reggae! I bet Bob Marley is up in Heaven biting his fist with jealous envy :P

    Do hope you can provide us with the Raiders spoof ... it sounds totally awesome

    Hope you're having a good day, Eric :)

  2. Man, it actually sounds pretty good. I expect that GI would agree with me though, the lyrics are expected soon my friend.

  3. *big smiles*
    Kate, things are peachy as can be expected. Glad you liked it, hopefully not too painful on the ears.

    I'll bet Bob Marley is up in heaven biting down on a spliff, if you know what I mean.

    I *will* find them, I'm on a mission to amuse...

    Mo, thanks guy! They might be a bit controversial for 'the man'.
    BTW, I'm still working out the details of your award for great blogging. It goes to committee today, then back to story boarding, then it has to pass both houses of Congress. But, any day now...

  4. I'd comment right now bud, but ive got a bottle of pinot meunier calling my name with dinner. I'll be back later.

  5. I was telling mjenks that I've seen vintage porn on the walls of Pompeii with my own eyes. My teacher (school trip) wouldn't let me take a picture...or maybe I was just too stunned to. Those crazy bastards.
    But they're dead now, so.

  6. Hey! There's nothing wrong with ladies who have a little less up top... and little round bellies... and bootyliciousness...



    Okay, maybe some people need to cut back on the pasta.

  7. Mr. C, nice obscure grape varietal.

    Kristine, I have seen the very same ancient porn, I think. I have my own pictures to prove it. *glances around furtively* 'What???'

    Soda and Candy, I agree, if boobs are way too big then it's not very attractive (except to babies maybe). And I'm most assuredly down with a little bootyliciousness... and a bit of pasta never hurt anyone. Come to think of it, the Roman woman on the right is kind of attractive, I think I'll try to ask her phone number.

  8. "Che cos'è il vostro numero, baby?"

    ; )

  9. Ugh, pretty sure my grammar is terribly wrong there. But you know the joke I was going for.

    ; )

  10. Hahaha, yes I got her digits with that line... Thanks for playing along! ;)

    My grammer is bad, but I think getting better after reading so many Italian blogs. What I really like are the colorful expressions that the language seems to be so full of.

  11. Yea ok eric, you know your using it to get that fica pronta!!!!

  12. Those ladies look good for their age.
    And the reggea song is very good.

    Thank you for visiting my blog,btw.

  13. Mister Condescending, whoa there pardner!!! There is one of those colorful expressions I was talking about... If you keep that up, I'll have to change my rating (at least on the Italian side).

    Dutch donut girl, I think they do! Thanks for the compliment, I have much better songs and art in older posts... Your blog is interesting to me because of all the historical references and insight.

  14. Those ladies need a Cosmo (edition: how to find the swim suit that best suits your bod!).

  15. Jay, at first glance I thought you meant drinks, but I can just picture them in their sun chairs with the latest copy of Kosmopolitês...
    BTW thanks for stopping by. :)

  16. It is very strange to me to think that not only did they have the bikini concept down so long ago, but they had bar bells...are those really musical instruments that they are using?

    And how did humans go from skimpy bikinis to full-on cover-ups and back again?

    AND...I thought women 'way back then' were pretty chunky...

    All of my misconceptions have made me the person that I am today.

    Thanks for the musica!

  17. Hey Lopez! They are supposed to be working out old-style... I see what you mean though since the volleyball girl seems to be holding cymbals.

    I blame the back and forth in swimsuit style on early Christian fashion magazines, mostly.

    BTW, congrats again on the race!!!

  18. Thanks!!! I signed up for two more races this morning!
    I figure this money is better spent than my previous addiction to slot machines!! heh heh!

  19. They had fupas before Jesus?!

  20. lol, I was not familiar with the term 'fupas', thanks... I think...

    Yeah, probably because of too much wine and too many servants?

  21. LiLu you beat me to the fupa line! I was stuck in a meeting and couldn't post it.

  22. garage door, really? lol.... oh, I *know* what that expression is from, if it says garage door to you they hey, thats ok. Men will read it differently than women do. Thoughtful and garage doors.. not something I was shooting for! lol.

  23. Toni, I was just kidding!!! lol