Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Questiony Things

Again, off the normal format because of Lopez and Prunella...

Here is a questiony thing from Prunella's site, and since she is way cool, I reckon I'll complete it according to instructions:

1. What are your current obsessions?
Art of all kinds, investing, pretty women of course

2. Which items from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
My day job is in finance, so usually slacks, shirt, professional-like you know...

3. What's for dinner?
I love to grill (since I used to work for the Chilis parent company and spent time among the directors and culinary type folks), also I go out a lot.

4. Last creative thing you bought?
Art supply stuff - paints for fresco, and a book.

5. What are you listening to?
Right now? Some old cheesy reggae guitar and synthesizer song I recorded 10 years ago, lol.

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be?
Poseidon/Neptune, I love the ocean and sailing, and strangely enough... horses (never understood why horses were associated with the god of the ocean, WTH?)

7. Favorite holiday spots?
Thera (Santorini) Greece at my favorite hotel on the Caldera
or Anywhere in Italy, but especially Venezia or Roma
Colorado in ski season

8. Reading right now?
Kings, Queens, Bones, and Bastards (English history)

9. Four words to describe yourself.
Creative, tenacious, scientific, artistic

10. Guilty pleasure?
Puns, definitely. *sorry*

11. Who or what makes or made you laugh until you’re weak?
I like silly humor, so comedians like Dmitri Martin, Sarah Silverman, Zack Galifianakis, and Jack Handey are tops in my book.

12. Who or what makes you so angry you could scream?
Hypocrites, or those that aren't nice to people that can't help themselves.

13. Planning to travel to next?
Thinking of trying to get my mom to go with to Northern Italy this September since dad hasn't been around for her since December. She doesn't want to go snowboarding though.

14.Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Pecan bar from Corner Bakery

15.When did you last get tipsy?
Definitely this past weekend, on wine, ugh.

16. Favorite ever film?
Raiders of the Lost Ark. When I was a 13, with a group of my friends, we made a lower budget version of this one actually. *Way lower budget* but still funny and surprisingly good now.

17. Care to share some wisdom?
It's an old notion, but be true to yourself always, and everything else usually falls into place.
And, don't hit when the dealer is showing a six.

18. If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
I want to live in a place with more history than Texas, like Italy for example.

19. What are your blog turn-ons and turn-offs?
I like blogs/bloggers that share something of their humanity, creativity, or humor.

Sure, everyone has an occasional weak post, but I don't like blogs that don't invite comment participation or draw the readers in.

20. Favorite website?

21. What is your least favorite alcoholic beverage?
Zima, definitely. And I've tried almost all of them.

...And here we have a questiony thing graciously bestowed from Zepo Lopez (and grand-bestowed from Girl Interrupted). (see how I hid this embarassing one way down here?)

*Queen of All Things Awe-summm!*

It is supposed to be a quesionnaire for a girl, so don't go getting any strange ideas about me now.

Seven things that I think make me Awesummm:

Awesome 1) I always try to see things from another person's point of view, unless they are trying to kill me, at which point, all bets are off.

Awesome 2) I know lots of things, but I can always learn something from anyone. What do you know?

Awesome 3) I have a sense of humor, because without that, what's the point?

Awesome 4) I can lift 3 sets of twelve x 160 lbs (70kg) on the curl bench. So I can easily carry around heavy $hit, just like the Queen of England I hear. I'll bet she has a good uppercut too.

Awesome 5) I try to make at least one positive difference for someone every day.

Awesome 6) You all probably already know about my art and music stuff, what are you still doing reading this post? Go there...

Awesome 7) I'm available for parties (will not impersonate the Queen though).
*some fun included.


  1. I just can't believe you were listening to your own music.

    You're gonna have to post it...

  2. Yay! Queen of Awesummm, Eric - you are!

    LOL @ Mo's comment right there...

    I think Sarah Silverman is HILARIOUS! I can't wait for new epi's of her show to come back! [I follow her on twitter, most def!]

  3. I too like Demitri Martin - there are so few original comedians around these days and his mind is certainly unique! I always get the strange urge to punch Sarah Silverman though, at least her persona in her show.

    Have you ever been across the Adriatic to Croatia? That's another country I would love to visit again. Split is one of my favourite places. All old history, old buildings (at least the old town!) a picturesque harbour and palm trees. And their beer's something like 12% volume so you fall down REALLY EASILY! :)

  4. Mo, isn't that what Uncle Fred would do? Umm, I don't know... the production values are crap and it's overly repetitive. If two more people ask, then ok...

    Hi Lopez, thanks. Sarah is a bit edgy, but she has that silly humor thing going on. Plus she's pretty so that probably blinds me to some things others might not like about her.

    Vegetable Assassin, yep Demitri is a genius, I'm convinced. I haven't been there yet, but it sounds great and has lots of historical sites from what I've read on Trip Advisor and other places. Again? When did you visit? Let's go!

  5. Why must you be a bored neoclassical guy? Why not an Energetic, Spunk, or Badass one?

    See your littel follower's list on the side bar? it is filling up..FAST...and who's the first one on there? It's me.

    Yeah. It's me.

  6. Ah, Zack Galifianakis!I was trying to remember his name when filling out question 11. Love him!

    Thanks for doing the meme. It's always fun to find out more about people.

  7. Oooh! verrry interesting! ;) Good work, Eric ... not only do I now demand to hear the self-made music ... I also demand to see the low budget version of Raiders. ... pretty please :) *flutters eyelashes*

    Lopez ... will you PLEASE stop using the word "spunk" and making me choke on my tea!!!! :P

  8. Sorry all, work has had me 'unbored' aka 'busy as hell' today.

    Lopez!!! I'm not worthy of such titles! Yes, and it's all because of you and your first join, girl. I owe you big time...

    Prunella, I'm totally convinced you are a genius if you like the comedy stylings of Zack G., I'll email you a plane ticket if he's going to be in town so we can get some people together for it.

    Girl Interrupted, glad you liked these little exercises in self-absorption (wait, that sounds strange).

    Hmmm... when you do your eyelash thing, *pulse involuntarily speeding up, now trying to think of something else quickly* who could possibly resist putting embarrassing goofy files out there for the whole world to see? Not me...

  9. Grrr...I have no idea how to even make the word spunk a dirty word!

    and i'm thinking REALLY hard.

    Eric...'I owe you big time'...yeah, I'm looking for that carton of gold coins every day!

  10. lol, *everybody asks in unison* 'how hard are you thinking?'

    Lopez, you know I have to build the little coffee can furnace thing first, and there are some logistics involved.

  11. lol Lopez, you do make me smile :P *hugs her US BFF*

  12. Ps: Happy Friday Eric, don't work too hard x

  13. Happy weekend all!

  14. get super drunk this weekend and tell some slut you excavated ancient coins up that had your picture on it. Then go melt some stolen copper pipe up in that oven you made. Then send me coins with my picture on it I wanna use them too. I'm a little tipisy right now so forgive if nonsensical.

  15. I am also Mr. C....

    -ps firing up the homemade furnace now, because nothing screams danger like tipsy and 1100f with molten metal.

  16. LOL! I am amused.

    Wow.. I hit the jackpot coming here tonight. Thanks for the chuckles Eric, now I know you just a little bit. Questiony things? lol.. such evil forms of cheap amusement for those just reading and not filling them out.

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been meaning to make my way over here since the first comment you left, but dang if time doesn't seem to escape me!

    Enjoy the libations and the fun with the molten metal!

  17. I missed drunken Eric AND Mr Condescending!!!

    Dammit ... I feel like I missed out on something!

    Hope you boozy boys aren't too hungover today ;)

  18. Hey Toni James thanks for stopping by, have I mentioned to everybody that your drawings rock? Fine art at its finest...

    Girl Interrupted, it is a shame because we are both way more fun when boozing... No hangover for me (at work again). Mr. C?

  19. Well done to both of you! I'm impressed ;)

  20. Yay work...
    Of course, I know I can always use a distracting break now and then from the uber-awesommmme GI. What is your take on that Mr. C?

    And, where the hell is Lopez? She's missing out on her favorite girl-crush today...

  21. Nice getting to know you George - I'm heading off now to check those comedians I don't know about.

  22. My take is the same. Always a jolly good time!

  23. Lulu, thanks, and while looking at the links, check out that comedian Eric, he's funny occasionally...

    Mr. C, yes, do you have a good dealflow lead or business going that you want to sell or have run by an investment committee?

  24. A residential construction/remodel online consulting company I own is fucking taking off to the point where I can't handle it in my spare time. I didn't think about selling it, but VC funding was something I've been considering so I can hire more full time workers. I'm literally throwing out like 30k per month because I can't handle the inflow. Me and one partner own it he feels the same. Sorry the post is off topic, and I'm not sure also whether 500k/yr revenue is worth going VC.

  25. Most of our funds' early stage direct investments are novel technology / patent stuff. We have billions in mezz and later stage... There are some funds that do the smaller revenue companies though. It's typically all about your potential for IPO (exit strategy)...

    I'll keep the eyes open if I see a fund looking for your kind of thing though.

  26. Thanks a ton! Now where are my coins?