Saturday, May 2, 2009

Arles Mosaic Lust and Music Update

The ancient mosaics in the Arles antiquity museum are extensive and exquisite. Also, when I was there I had the pleasure of meeting the superintendant in charge of the maintenance. Here is a picture of her in action, I could just watch her work for hours.
Anyway, she had the little foam pads for everything including the little vacuum cleaner to remove drilled out replaced grout. About halfway through, she turned and dropped a hammer on the priceless mosaic surface from the little bin of tools!!! Definitely an embarassing moment for her, I'm sure. She tried to play it off cool, but I could tell. :)

Update: I recorded my version of the Pulp Fiction trumpet solo since people were asking (I flubbed at least a note or two). I must convert the ginormous .mov file to something compatible to other software so that might take a while.


  1. What a great picture!

    The one of the Arles mosaic isn't bad either ;)

    Looking forward to the trumpet solo :P

  2. FANTASTIC picture, Eric! Very nice, indeed!!!

    i, too, look forward to your trumpet performance...

    and Grease 2 was great...Michelle Pfeiffer?? Come now...

  3. :)
    Girl Interrupted, thanks, I'll have to get a friend to take a less awkward one. But Lopez was asking... *yawn* time for sleep.

    Lopez thanks, but I think the picture is kind of goofy... I'm still on the fence about Grease 2, maybe I should give it one more try...

    Hopefully, the trumpet performance will be up to expectations *secretly hoping they are low*.

    Mr. C., yes, when she dropped the hammer, it was like time stopped before it hit the mosaic floor.