Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terrific Tableware to Ta Ta To Tut Today

The upcoming June auction at Christie's in New York has a great tater salad bowl I must have. Good idea? It would probably take a while to carve this myself, assuming I could locate the original quarry. And since the day job has been busy lately, it's probably the right thing to do.

Although I love it, I need a holiday away from this place because I'm tired of real work which doesn't leave enough time for creativity. I might sign up for one of those archaeology dig-cations...

In other news, the King Tut exhibit is finally shutting down here in Dallas. The after-dark donor event tomfoolery with the priceless artifacts will be sorely missed. For the record, I was not one of those crazy type party goers that climbed into the sarcophagus to take a body shot.
It was kind of weird they left the door of the exhibit open without much visible security when they were unpacking. Maybe they were just hoping to make a claim on their museum owner's insurance? *whistling inconspicuously as I leave the museum*


  1. Tell tut I said hi!!

    You should make that bowl eric, I need something classier to eat my cinnamon toast crunch in.

  2. Mr. C, I wouldn't eat just plain Cinnamon Toast Crunch in it, maybe 'Curiously Cinnamon' though. Tut says hi and he said he wants his turquoise and gold necklace back.

  3. Sei pazza!

    ; )

    I bet those mummy robes go up like torches.

  4. I'm fascinated by archeology - it's not a field for clumsy people, I have a feeling, which leaves me out, but I love reading about digs, etc.

  5. You were not one of those crazy type party goers that climbed into the sarcophagus to take a body shot?


    I had pinned so much hope on that.

  6. Soda - Sì magari!!!!!
    Speaking of mummy robes, I read an article about an obscure color purple used in 18th century frescos. It was called 'mummy' and was apparently derived from actual mummies then because there was not another chemical process to produce the same color then. Yikes!

    Vic - You should try it just to make sure. I observed a dig near Tivoli, and it looked like lots of work, but great fun. Anywhere in Italy or Greece would be great for a land dig I imagine. But, I think my first choice would be an underwater river / ocean site. The technology is so much better now and there are so many things to be discovered and recorded in context.

    Mo! Not to disappoint, I was one of the crazy type party goers that drunkenly tried out Tut's blue glass headrest... It was not as comfortable as you would think. Good thing Tut was dead. Also, they had a 3300 year old trumpet. Luckily friends stopped me before, well you know...

  7. I'm sure I saw a nice spud salad bowl on eBay, and also a plpastic ice-bucket shaped like a pineapple.

    They're neoclassical as well right?

  8. That salad bowl would look awesome on my balcony with a fern in it.

  9. The Jules, Romans had pineapples back then, so yes, neoclassical. They also had salad, so feel confident in your purchases.

    Katrocket, your balcony already looks great, but yes, this 4,080 lb huge salad bowl would make an awesome place even more so.

  10. I am very much coveting that bowl. If you do make one, be sure to take pics and show us.

  11. wow, a dig-cation? you should TOTALLY go for it...and then blog about it! I also say go for the new tater-bowl ;o)

    Your office looks nice! Very modern, glass walls. Reminds me of CSI: Miami a you guys have clear, touch screen wall computers??

  12. :) Anna! You have great taste in ancient artifacts then... I need to get a few more diamond drill bits if I'm going to make that happen, but you can count on pictures if I do.

    Hi Lopez, yep I could work on my Italian while simultaneously uncovering priceless artifacts. If there were just ninjas helping and a rainbow in the sky, I don't know what else would make it better.

    PS - thanks, yes the office is nice, and we won't get the touchscreen wall computers until after the solid gold WC fixtures and they replace the fireplace logs with rare birdseye maple and teakwood... *laughing now at remembering 'Bathroom Island' from FG*

  13. Did anyone have sex in the sarcophagus?

    That bowl is great, it would be perfect for Margaritas.

  14. hey eric, I read years ago that there is most likely a ton of forgeries in museums. Any inside information on this??

  15. lol Pru!!!
    *looks around nervously and coughs* What have you heard?

    Mr. C, yes it's safe to bet that a high percentage can be fake. DMA has a few of questionable provenance and tl tests and carbon dating are not always foolproof. Lots of times, counterfeiters will take an old statue or pottery that wouldn't be worth much to a museum and will enhance it so it is more valuable, so it passes all the tests of the materials used.
    I'd still buy a fake that was > 100 years old.

  16. Wonderful bowl, I'd go for ferns or pineapples myself.
    loving the mosaic background.

  17. I love the bowl. If I could make something like that, I would be rich over here.
    What did you say?
    I would be selling my soul?
    Yep, right now I would sell my soul for a donut :)

  18. Hi Lulu, thanks! The background is actually a closeup of some of the hand cut pieces of my Delos mosaic copy with about 7000 pieces. Needless to say, I was very bored.

    LOL, Dutch Donut Girl, I'm imagining a big ancient bowl of donuts (not ancient donuts) for you right now.

  19. Aww it's cute that you say tater salad :P reminds me of Sam in LOTR!

    And why am I now picturing King Tut performing a burlesque routine, raucously singing "If you're gonna bump it, bump it with a trumpet" ...



  20. :)
    Noooo!!! Not Sam!!! Anyone but Sam!!! wait...

    It's because you are an imaginative girl for sure, lol. I'll expect a recording of you singing that posted on your blog, thanks...